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Warrior AoE skills

Warrior AoE skills  

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Dear Apexians,

We've received various kinds of feedback on both the warrior and mage changes introduced in last patch.
As such, we'd like to defer to the community on the decision to keep Warrior AoE skills as they are (targeted), or to revert them back to before.
This poll will run until the end of this week, and we require you to comment your name on this topic to be counted in the results.

If your opinion is more nuanced than a simple yes/no, please elaborate so we can take this into consideration as well.

Thank you!


TR: Sevgili Apex halkı,

Son yama ile yapılan hem warrior hem de mage değişiklikleri hakkında çeşitli geri bildirimler aldık.
Bu nedenle, topluluğa, warrior'un AoE becerilerini şu anda oldukları gibi (hedefe çalışan) tutma veya eskisine geri döndürme kararını riayet etmek istiyoruz.
Bu anket bu haftanın sonuna kadar devam edecek ve oyunuzun sonuçlarda sayılması için bu konu altında adınızı yorum olarak yazmanızı istiyoruz.

Eğer fikriniz basit bir evet veya hayırdan daha detaylı ise, dikkate alabilmemiz için lütfen ayrıntılarla birlikte aşağıda belirtin.



ESP: Queridos Apexianos,

Hemos recibido varios  comentarios sobre los cambios en los warriors y en los magos introducidos en el último parche.
Como tal, nos gustaría ceder ante la comunidad la decisión de mantener las habilidades de Warrior AoE como están (objetivo), o revertirlas a como estaban antes.
Esta encuesta se ejecutará hasta el final de esta semana y le pedimos que comente su punto de vista y vote sobre este tema para que se cuente en los resultados.

Si su opinión tiene más matices que un simple sí / no, por favor explique para que podamos tomar esto en consideración también.

¿Quieres que se quede como está? = NO

¿Quieres que se revierta y vuelva el viejo warrior AOE? = YES 


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Yes ofc. BroOk. This aoe the new 1 it's so bad even when u fight meles vs meles. I don't think mages can complain if u reverse it , there's already many things in favour of mages class special with last patch.

Myb if dmg warrior is a problem take off red pots from game same as blue pots.

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NO  / Carmila

In fact, the update is already used in steam and it is in order that the MACRO users do not abuse it and personally it seems to me an appropriate measure, even the radius should be reduced as it is in the officers, because ultimately the warrior class is the more OP in this server. If you look a bit at the users who are voting for the modification to be reversed, the reasons are obvious there is not much to say about it.

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