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New AoE Warrior Skill Effect


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I can say, it was difficult for a good warriors teams use Z and echo and make same right timing direction already, now cant even see effect, and also red pots very expensive.

what i can say its this patch just faked up warriors teams. and buff alot more MAGES TEAM, indeed today there was 1 pt mage from orc side raping 4 or 5 meles party human side lmao.

still , this patch its big fail . still playble dont get me wrong, but just faked up AOE teams. now lets talk about rogues , they are already failng alot, weak as fak with all those dd helments. and now even their redpots gone cuz too expensive.

I can say , reverse this patch for meles. so let echo as before. so at least all teams can manange this good, i just noticed my self on csw how bad 95% meles team doing on echo and dmg. its leterary easy to tank even with 1 priest not like before.

take off red pots blue pots from game , back echos as before so mages will not cry , even if this mage ko already, and make please CP FAIL 0 . 

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