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Issues & Suggestions - post 83 expansion tweaks


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The intent recently applied to make exp easier was nice and helpful, but unfortunately it is isn't enough. Reaching 83 still requires a lot of effort, from cash investments to time and personnel requirements. Something that most of the players do not possess.

Having said that, this level 83 expansion definitely needs some tweaking imo because it brought two huge problems that I'd like to adress here. 

  • First problem: the new barrier brought in (reaching 83), which not only prevented some acquaintances of mine from joining the server but also those who were already 80 and wanted to come back gave up on that idea.

Exping should be beyond simple. Just enough to display that "the server don't instantly grant you max level for free". So a drastic boost on exp quests rewards alongside kill requirement decreases would probably suffice. So everyone still have the feeling to grind and fulfillment of reaching a goal while being fun, simple and fast. This would solve the exp/lvl barrier issue.

  • Second problem: the other huge issue is how warriors now became an absolute fucking unit. Yesterday I got hit by 1,5k undebuffed by a passion warrior, their average ranging from 1.1 ~ 1.2k. This should not exist. It opressed other classes so hard that now we only see full warrior parties in CZ and small ones getting obliterated.  

Passion build enabled by level 83 was a only a thing when in USKO people were already using a lot of anti-def to sustain this insane damage. I can barely cross a couple of warriors without getting deleted, simply cannot engage in a fight for more than 2 seconds. This is nonsense, although not precisely Apex' fault.

Other classes must be brought up as well. I'd suggest something along the lines of the list below:

1) Bring in jamadars for assassins (and not those garbage ones);
1.1 This wouldn't even fix the issue that much since there's a low amount of anti dagger in the server, but it's something already;

2) 2k HP and 350AC scrolls should totally replace the old ones. Place it in sundries for the same price as 1,5k and 300ac or constantly reward it through questing at high rates;

3) Really need more iron belt and iron necklace now (Draki pendant would be ideal);

4) drastically boost drop rates of anti-warrior weapon armors (those chitins dropped at that weird quest), also weapons from Juraid and bifrost.
4.1) EDIT: just got word the difference is so small it barely helps.

Those are all very conservative and fair suggestions, but I do have some more unorthodox ones as well:

1) assassin skills should not fail dmg. This is nonsense, an old feature of the game that is totally unfair without any reasoning behind; (same goes for archer)

2) warrior skills should be "un-macroable", just like how Sword Dancing works. (this would be a dream come true);

3) Battle priests should be a thing. Make whatever is necessary for this to happen.


The server is stable, but unfortunately at a mediocre status while it could be so much more. I do believe that the current state of this expansion is being quite harmfull while it had everything to be perfect. Moradon filled with people selling their accounts, even that Slapperz clan selling out and also clearely less activity in cz on regular days.


I'm eager to hear everyone's thoughts. Let's fix it.


Best regards.

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