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About Drop RATE!


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we need to know the exact drop rate of each item, we tried some farm spot max pt dc/+30dc for 3 hr strait.

first hour: 3 ex. < mirage and some useless.

2nd hour: no drops.

3rd hour: no drops ?

dont tell me all merchs in mora farmed all that gears because literally no one farmed anything and for other buyers destroying the kc economy<<< dont tell sane person will buy 9999999 dc prem and not even re-sell them again.

ps: we dont mind low drop rates but we want know the actual rate + most of the drops being sold so cheap which makes it impossible with current ratio.


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Back in June/July when I used to farm for “items” I would always end up saying. “I can make more money killing Haunga’s” lmao

Rates are always higher in CZ, no questions asked.. probably double the drop rate. In Eslant you can do afk farm raptors or shards probably. I used to farm scrolls in AOC and sell it to npc

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