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52 minutes ago, Buklau said:

@KrepiN Could you elaborate? 

Would you say its worth start on apex now or?

Are they active players couple of hours a day or what?

Are you returning to knight online or ApexKO, not sure if you played the server in 2015 or so

If returning back to Knight Online; do not start USKO/STKO 95% players are Turks and most of them are trying to sell their items since apparently Rise Online World is supposedly be gg for them when/if it comes out.

Overall, just don’t start USKO/STKO


If returning/or new to ApexKo; give it a try, you’ll like it, way better than official knight online servers or any Turkish private servers. (Turks PvP servers will die in 1-3 months, not Apexko)

It’ll cost you $60-100/mo to play official knight online. But here in ApexKO no where close to that. But you’ll need to buy switch premium to get to level 83

I’m sure players will add more to this, I currently do not play the server but I do have my characters from the launch date



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Thank you for that reply, i would never return official, last i went back was 2015.. and i did play Apex beta with MyNameIs, but not much after that, then i came across a old conversation and found the link and when i saw this update about level 83 i was kinda amazed this game/server was still alive.

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