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just some random stuff


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well  i have some random ideas and it does not hurt to put them down right make cz as active as possible ? 

1. maybe put  eslant lvl  70 personal quests  in cz  or maybe all of them eslant quests ?

2.  fix up mining and fishing  maybe? 

3. all the non tradable quests items  and non tradable items  make them tradable  goes for quests items and if cr items are not tradable i can't remember lol

4.  make it possible  to trade non tradeable dark mithril fragments 

5.  Make all Bosses in CZ bowl  go on a random respawn time and a random spawn location all around CZ  so that everyone can have a chance to get  a good item to make it fair for everyone  instead of the same  over geared people that always farms them ? 

6.  can you remove some of the junk items from blue red and green chests  and maybe gems   they are earnt  and   u  get  junk most of the time  ( just an idea lol )  idk  otherwise  save them up and then hand them in idk . 

7. i know u can do cypher rings and such but can you make personal items tradable ?

8. put all eslant bosses to CZ


Thank you for listening  and these are just random idea's please don't hate on me .

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- Force players to start in /town once the instance has been changed (eslant boss hunter will love this), I don't think bosses spawn in Instance 2 but still you never know.. it probably does spawn low key :D

- Disable Teleportation scroll from being used in Eslant Zones

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idea to nr 8 

a 6 to 8 hour interval on bosses with several random spawns throughout cz 

i say this long spawn interval because if we take 2x bosses from estlant (karus and human)  there would be too many bosses in cz. 
if only 1 of each type i would say 4-6 hour spawn interval 

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