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U are doing big mistake


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At this point skills are not a value anymore at all. But for a new player it's really annoying and might cause him to leave.

You should just let every1 unlock skills for free now.  Or some money like 10-10-20m but delete the certificate requirement.

Certificates won't lose value cuz they can be exchanged for good stuffs anyway (red pot, big scs, dura pot, etc)

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I started Guwakzai almost 4 weeks ago and we pretty much only picked up new players.

out of 30ish players i think we have 10 left who plays.. rest left the game. 
cant say if its because of skills but i also believe it is too "hard" to catch up to older stronger players. 

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A lot of team wanna start this high quality server for test and play.

This game not for kids. %80 players in this game they are working in real life. 

So people doesnt have 12h in a day to follow events and unlock skills. As a team its more harder.

So just unlock skills nothing else. No1 will feel like an idiot. Trust me. Doesnt matter what skill i have if i dont have enemy to use it. We can use these certificates already for scrolls. 

Then big teams will start server and they will just exp with genie as a afk, they will buy their items or they will farm a week to make beginner setup for pk which is not so hard then this server will be better. 

A party important then 15 random player in server. Its make server alive. Its make competition in server. So if u wanna teams in this server u must do easier start. Im not even talking about items just unlock this skills and let them start server. 

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