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Kodiak Recruiting


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Hello All

Kodiak is recruiting active players. Anyone who speaks english wanting to lvl, farm, or pk is welcome. All levels and classes welcome. Only requirement is to be able to understand and speak english. Discord is available.

Players we are looking for are active to pk and help alliance members and anyone needing to xp or get quest done. We are allied with GuWakZai ( G clan) who is active and helps us when asked, we do the same for them. 

For more information pm OptimusPrime, DOUGAL, Atwerp, or WinterBeII. 

Our KO goal is to have fun make friends, and make alot of things dead. 

We are a Human clan with jobs and play as much as we can.

Ask for a invite and come have some fun!!!!!!





We are also looking for clans to ally with.

Ally clans must speak english, and be willing to help with quest when needed.


Update 2:


Active players are still needed.

We are looking for all classes.

Prefer players in the same time zone as us but all are welcome.

Let us help with your xping and build a friendship. 

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