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14 minutes ago, Sierra said:

You're banned 3 days from this moment for tampering with the client. Leave it alone and don't try and mess with it and you won't get banned in the future. o.o

GM Heung just wrote me PM that I received ban because of 3rd party tool. You say that its because of "something" with client. I really dont know the reason of BAN, I dont use any illegal program and I did nothing with my client (I use only launcher on my desktop). Can you show me what I did EXACTLY wrong?

my clan mates say that it can be cause by windows defender. Is it true? Give me some advice how to avoid it. I really did nothing. My laptop runs almost 3 days nonstop because of trading in Moradon (I had no time to do something illegal). Today, I wanted to relog to my mage and I received DC in EMC and ban..

I know that 3 days are maybe not so many, but I am sure I am not guilty!

thank you for check my issue again.

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My IT skills are really basic and limited. If I wanted to do it (I dont want) I would not know how to do it! So you can trust me I really did not do it.

Please, send me some proof (screenshot or something) so we can find out with my mates where is the problem. Maybe its really caused by some program on Windows 10 PRO, because I havent any other programs in my new laptop except the ApexKO.

Of course, I can wait 3 days and Swallow the truth, but I am really not guilty and I am sure It will happen again.


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