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How I became #1 player on server (using tilatequila logic)


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Day 1 I mined

Day 2 i Mined

Day 3 i got exp prem and fishing rod and fished

Day 4 I fished

Day 5 i made full shell 7/chd 7 dv 7

Day 6 i lwled

Day 7 i burnt chd7 to +2 rev quit server

Day 14 i return

Day 30 i Farmed nps

Day 31 farmed nps

Current day I have most nps both sides therefore i am #1 player its a fact cant deny it.

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I have been summoned to this silly post... skyhunter must be sillybitch cause he sure is acting like one!


sorry i dont know why youre still starting drama? my polemic video thread got closed and i haven't pmed you let alone talked to you in the past few days, yet here you are literally calling me out for no reason? nice flame bro, no wonder your clan changed names, embarassment to society. 

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