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Hello i want to talk u about FT guys i join like every day in FT and is always same situation every1 is afk and only 1/2 party fighting against the monster,yeah is easy to kill all monster till 55wave,when volcanic rock respwan all afkers dying and the rest of ppl trying to kill it but is hard,dk it would be nice take care FT or at least you guys start to play on it stop join and stay afk on it its sad u know :(






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Most of the AFK don't survive, so it doesnt matter. They don't get anything. And one party can kill VR.

more like 3 drainers is all you need, but yet again rogues keep their safe distance away from VR scared of novas.. I remember I used to shout to convince them to come drain.. not to mention the useless mages and archers!

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