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Knight Royale Feedback


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12 minutes ago, yapsyyy said:

worst rewards ever, so i have to waste 30min to get 5 armor enchants? or join it around 5 times (2 1/2 hour) to get 3 days of auto loot? i'd rather spend 30min on farming and buy autoloot for 30 days, so no ty

Most players seemed to enjoy themselves as it's something new and fun to do. If you're not here to have fun but are more focused on what you could be rewarded with, then I can see why you'd prefer to numb your mind some more on some good old farming. To which I say: to each their own :)

I doubt we'll ever be on the same page regarding rewards for events, but that's okay. Feel free to let us know what you'd have put up as rewards though!

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Good event, but should run at least 2days /3 time by day for 1 week, not every day and not many times by day considering the rewards giving. 

this event its fair and will help alot farmers and newmembers on server good idea, can re work on rewards myb and some bugs like swift indeed..

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34 minutes ago, [email protected] said:

I think instead of triggering events that some people don't want to balance the real fun of the game that is the pk.
I think that you should activate the kuriam and once again activate the 83 a ++ to start the fun pk, cz, exp, and more.
since that is called knight online!

Agree with him, but i events its a part of game and help  newmembers get rewards to grw up.

so, what about this event? will stay , if yes change day, why everything on sunday?? its like sunday activity , rest of the day less ... 

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