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Exp in eslant


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I've realized that alot of people that are trying to exp are finding it hard to exp in cz because of the lame ass rouges that just camp them and obviously no one goes to eslant because the exp there is crap compared to the exp in cz, so my suggestion is that the exp in eslant should be doubled. 

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Players that rae whining about raid are the ones who would whine about everything anywayz.we tried to exp cz aoc with wrecked @ the beginning of Server, but couldnt cuz raid. So we exped in eslant like every1 else.servers exp is still ridicilously easy.you give them the lvls and next they are crying about items. If you give them items, Those who actually did something for their items would quit. Its all about effort. And dont give me shit about not having time to play enough or babashopping.

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not many people did exp at eslant at the beginning lol, just the people who like to be afk and genie all day xD


my clan was on aoc all the time at the start of the server, we got raided, we killed them aswell, but was still the fastest spot

now you can't do that cause nobody wants to exp anymore :P or at least not that many

alot of people are 80-83 already


but yes tarrik, you are right, if eslant exp would go up the guys who run behind can still get 80 quite easy without getting raided every second, and thus everyone leaving cz / rage quit xD

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