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About dlive stream and raffles!!


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Hey i suspect that these moderators MAY cheat us in there.  I ask them to show raffles live but they muted me instead prove anything. They could show their screen for raffle SO we can be sure that they don't cheat us. That's not hard really.
The procedure:
1st step - you join the raffle with typing a keyword "!apesbestserver2020"
2nd step - they begin raffle and they get winner nick one by one
3rd step - a moderator says "123 , abc , ddd" winners. BUT only he knows the names. He may changed "123" to "456". 
How do we distinguish? Why do i get mute from moderators when i asked this? 
Let's see what will happen here. Mute is loading or not?

BE HONEST, would you trust a system like this in real?
@twostars @Aesteris

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Hi combat,

The streamer giveaway feature we utilize automatically and immediately discloses to everyone watching the stream by means of an overlay forced on top of everything else, who has won.
So yes, I would trust a system like this.


Kind regards,

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