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CSW? better reward , better pvp ?? still bugs why??


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Hello, log yesterday after weeks months on this cancer event nd still theres not really competition and thats just make me like theres no really sense to sit sunday in home to play this event.. every time all can see its just 40 harungas joining 1 clan to dominated entrance with no sense partys. dont get my wrong its fine to do it if people wanna run with 4 pt hand by hand to nova on few rogues its totaly okey but something must be done to bring more challenge pvp btwn partys and to make all more greedy. servers its not so populate like before to do this kinda of big clans for some retard reward.

to start on the main door , its still bug, it means u cant use decent if u play as mele party( NOT FAIR AT ALL)but you can simple use nova on every1 who try to get inside , same happens on every door. and this is still retarded, till this not fixed csw must be close, so if u cant fix it , then make novas or aoe dmg not able to be used , just to make the things fair enough for every player.

2nd just for winer CSW :  getting castle to make 40 harungas farming inside with genie some coins its so bad idea.special for private servers special for apexko mentality players. reward must go just for 1 party the last who ks crystal. but rewards must be something profit ON GAME ! and not KC, GB because this will keep harungas join more harungas with them,  instead they must give certificates + tattos+ materials + 1 week cospre + better archivement ( all untradable things OFC ) something that u have to use during the week by active on game. not something that u can go somewhere on forums and sell it for usd to buy some shoes on rlf comon...

CR csw, from crystal ks( not repeteable) :  make an special CR with special drop just for last hit party ( 1 party by clan can drop it, otherwise harungas will join 4pt + ally clan and trade crystal btw them ofc ), so who get last hit ON crystal + some kills will take something good  something u can do it 1 time during csw, this will keep people making their own clans to try at least KS crystal and this will keep different owners every week so different playters will take profit from it, and not as i said before the usual HARUNGAS every week just cuz they add lot of harungas with them.  

But please Before do anything, the most important thing is fix the bugs on map cant really play with bugs for some players and profit from some others this make people just bored.

ps: babysh0cker have no clue how to tp dont add him on ur team guys.




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