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Disconnected x 10 in 3minutes


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Hello, guys.

I am new come-back user to Forever since I played old ApexKO.

I didn't have any "Disconnection" problem when I played Old ApexKO.

However, when I login to new client, new server (Forever), i got disconnected in 2 minutes in game. 

I don't think there is internet connection problem cuz i didn't have any problem with playing other servers recently and playing from USA.

Please Help me :)

@twostars @Aesteris @Sierra

 @twostars @Aesteris @Sierra

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Thank you for replying so fast. @Aesteris

I tried delete all Apexko Client and download again from https://mega.nz/file/WY0hWKxL#68Ps3hee4nSwg8X0hOm_AQrSzT5aiOU-v8Zhwor3WcM .

I am pretty sure i am using the latest client. but still getting same disconnection problem.

My character name is Godjo

Best regards.

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