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ISILOON weak still, CR still to work out, boss war good but...


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To start isiloon its diying very fast, people farmers like 90% servers or more, just waiting with big partys to drain and hit it, special mages thye are taking down this so fast, and dont let meles any chase to get close drain or stay attaking with warrios . im not saying decrease mages nova or spells not all, just need to increase the resistence and deffence way more to isiloon, also isiloon should hit harder at least to allow partys to add 2 priest and not just 1 priest. 

is it possible to make isiloon HP BAR like " PURIOUS " for example that mob from UTC event which has hp bar blue orange then white so it will stay at least more longer alive? otherwise just increase more resistence/deffence and lets see what happen.

this boss war on cz its very very good idea, at least farmers need to fight for drops, but still.... spaming all chaos stone almost 1 close to eachother its very bad idea, this jjust make mages happy 1 click 20 kills mmmmm... maybe respawn  theem more splitted? starting from orc / human base ramps to move 6 - 12 then some in middle..

CR . giving exp?? i cant even seal exp why would i need exp? give coins instead of exp... theres still CR request chaos stone deleted this please.. pvp events like bdw need better rewards , instead of this certificate victory, give 1million coin at least, give something else instead of exp scroll , if u ever open 83 on future make it harder not easy to do.




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