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can we get rid of character bound enchant scrolls?


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What would happen if we could sell them? Do you actually believe people will log in different accounts and do the quest for the 500k they would get daily? People are selling hundreds of them at a time because there is genie going on 24/7 and you have issue with the 5 we get daily.  Doesn't make sense,

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15 hours ago, Nath said:

You do realize those scrolls are storable, right? Thus, they're not by definition character bound but account bound instead, which make total sense, they do not want these scrolls to be tradeable.

What would happen if they were tradable? I used to buy hundreds to treant farmers anyway at like 110k each.

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Ok, two things.

1. I wanted to clear out the fact that these scrolls weren't character bound to begin with, which makes the following statement false, since you can easily store them and not have a problem at all with inventory space. (The same can be said for DC scrolls, do we have to make those stack with regular ones as well?) I think you see my point.

On 8/19/2020 at 7:43 PM, Pryda said:

They are annoying to deal with as they just make clutter in the inventory.


9 hours ago, Pryda said:

What would happen if we could sell them?

Nothing probably, but not the reason I said it didn't make much sense, which lead us to:

2. As per design all the items rewarded by quests are non tradeable (armors, weapons, scrolls, etc) ergo, the reason I said it makes total sense for these scrolls to be under the same bunch (since you obtain them through quests)

They do have to make some reworks, but I hardly believe these are a priority, I made a topic myself on a few items that I feel must be storable


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