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Virustotal report


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I just want to know why is the "virus total" scanner showing a lot of detection? the launcher also contains the virus. is it false positive? or please give me a reason why is it showing that? and is it safe to use the knightonline.exe?
one more question is, is there any official discord server available for ApexKO?

reference: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/590828373897577b975707f27c5075cf5edf6d2e5e789c8b113e93936f1aa18f/detection




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i think they scan your pc to detect third party tools with those trojans. You can only wish that they don't steal your credit card numbers or your stored passwords for bad purposes instead academic (not a joke - they really can do with these trojans if they want). lmao.
but i trust this guys.(more than any other private server)

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It is definitely good to be vigilant, since there have been servers that have taken advantage of players being used to just ignoring these warnings, but in this case notice how they're generally all detected as some form of "generic malware" rather than anything specific - that's usually your first indication not to worry too much.

It's a little unclear what they're detecting here, but I do know they consider either KnightOnline.exe or the string "Knight Online" as malicious now (one of the 2 - I don't remember), as well as a random clan error... add in basic protection to avoid people from tampering with the client [which given others' more malicious use of the same software + antivirus heuristics is likely going to be detected as *something*] and it's an unfortunate certainty it'll consider it suspicious in some form.

tl;dr: The client as distributed by us isn't infected with anything or any more malicious than the official client (which is to say, it's not).

As for Discord - http://discord.gg/8HDFXwK

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