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Let introverts enjoy the game


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While I am not an introvert i do enjoy doing things alone in the game. PK should be somewhat rewarding for people who are solo. You guys already did a good job with making it easier for people without party to finish CR events. Same should be applied to NP gains.  It's already hard to kill people alone with all these dagger, spear def etc in market. it should at least be rewarding.


Progressed servers get quite annoying because people who play alone tend to leave and rest is just META against META gameplay. It gets very stale very quick. There is already enough reasons to group up in this game but it should not be a must. I believe giving a reason for people to PK alone or in smaller groups would improve PK.

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if you are not a sin.. then reroll. 
theres always atleast 5 solo sins running around pking us noobs trying to farm. 

if you want to solo in bowl..  then too bad if you meet a party. 
Ko is a party game which got ruined by scrolls and other stuff..

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