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[ENG]Human: GuWakZai Recruiting (any levels welcome)

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My looking for clan didnt go so well so..

GuWakZai is recruiting human players. 


Any levels is accepted at the moment. 
Any class is accepted at the moment.

Main focus at the moment is farming and gearing up players.
when we have a full team we will go into PK and contest bosses in bowl.

We do want you to be as active as you can. 
Focus on 1 char with lvling, gearing up. 
English language is a must (but you are allowed to talk in native some times) 

We will accept any lvl and we will help you level up and farm your gear or do your quests! 
KO is a teamgame and we will play as a team!
Discord is preffered but not requirement

To Join /PM 

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  1.  update
    25 members (some alts) 
    atleast 6-7 active and helping other members! 

    We still accept everyone as long as we speak english in chat!
    we have gotten a very good and friendly ally (Kodiak) who also helps ally and members!
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