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Windows 10


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As we all know, today is the official release date for Windows 10.

So i am wondering, did anyone have the benefit of upgrading yet? Does anyone play ApexKO on Windows 10 or one of the previews?

I want to upgrade as soon as i can, but i also want to be able to play KO. Thanks for answers :)

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i heard it runs games pretty well. some ppl even feel like games run smoother. ( not talking about ko here )

Well I upgraded last night and so far it's actually been a rather nice. It has a nice feel to it, smooth, doesn't stutter and whatnot and it appears to play all my games just that slight bit better.  :P

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Well for me it's working perfect :)

Also first; how could people know it was buggy when it was released today?

Second; day0 it 99% sure to have bugs lol.


thats a really simple answer :P, its a microsoft OS, therefore its gonna be buggy :P also would probably be better waiting a few months to upgrade so they can work out the bugs

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