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Account Banned


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my clan mates talk with a gm probably that banned me for useing minor micro, i was farming at the Trees at CZ and when humans attaking us, i stop genie and pvp with the humans.... its ridiculous what happend. GM told my clan mate, that i was use illegal program.... i wana know what program i use it and what illegal programs i used to get banned. thx for your patient

IGN: HotRock

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  • English Game Master

You were caught using a bot and the ban is permanent. Please read up on the rules. :)


On 5/29/2020 at 8:01 AM, Aesteris said:
  • A keyboard macro is defined as a program that'll repeat keystrokes at a set interval. Anything that scans the screen and responds to that, or fetches data in any way and makes decisions based on that is NOT a keyboard and therefore NOT allowed.
  • Using any program (koxp) to automate more than keyboard strokes is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent account ban.


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