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Dear @Aesteris @twostars Support,

  I was playing ApexKO on my Main account yesterday (10/08- 11/08), around 00:00 (GMT-03:00) when I headed to sleep and left my character with genie online.
When I woke up around 7-8 hours later, I was disconnected and I realised my account had been banned. (ID Brucerj)

I tried a few times to get in touch with GMs via discord and other ways and they said I was using a 3rd party tool, which I obviously wasnt using it (on Rules)

I’ve installed Dota 2 at the same day of the ban (11/08), I’m not sure if it might cause anything to windows defender or your guys anti cheater scanner, I would gladly do any kind of procedure to make it work as normal, I did a few checks on my own computer and apparently my Windows Defender blocked to it, im not really sure what and when, but I have a case in my family that my cousin was playing on a different server and he had the exact same problem, he got in contact with the Admin and they managed to make it work via Team Viewer on his computer, I have 2 different accounts (ID: mantovan - ID: ticobad) that hasn’t being infected by that ban, and Im really not looking forward to it swell, so im attaching a few pictures from my computer’s logs and things that I think it might be useful, im more than happy to cooperate and give more info about that case, if there is any procedure that im able to do on my client to make it work and prove that I wasnt doing anything ilegal, me and my clan are concerned about the rules of the game and we’ve always walked on that line, im here 24/7 to cooperate with you guys and the team, thank you very much..

Best Regards

ban - 1.JPG

ban - 3.JPG

ban - 6.JPG

ban 2.JPG

ban 4.JPG


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  • English Game Master

Your account is banned for three more days from now. Do not try to modify anything in the client in the future, we don't tolerate it.

And no, installing Dota, running out of system resources or successfully logging in to windows does not get you banned. And the anti-virus thing is a false-positive also completely unrelated. You know what you tried to do, we know what you tried to do, don't try it again. If this happen one more time you will be banned forever.

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