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Moving on :)


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Cut the crap with this "omg i failed a few items, it's impossible, i'm leaving this shit"  it's god damn annoying.


Ye it happens, i burnt 24 shells, shards, rappys in a row too, burnt 3x personal in a row to +6 with trina, my brother did even more, then at an other time some succeed, shit happens to everybody.

(You could've bought any of those items at +8 if you would've sell those +7 items, especially if u had some trina aswell, nobody forcing you to upgrade)



Anyway take care, have fun whatever u gonna do, but this omg i failed to upgrade, bruhuhu attitude is just making you look silly.

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Now that's just funny, you think you burned much? Please...


Like david said, you just burned 17-18gb's on items and with trinas that's way more than 22gb's in total.

That would get you shard +8 & shell +8 piece if you find the people who's selling.

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Welcome to KO, you burn things and then u make +8

I've only made 1 +8 while playing

Everything else i've bought by making +7 and sell

now, gege

imagine titanium burning items worth of 200+gbs going +9 and ure crying about few shards :P

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For all the haters, learn reading. I did not cry any or force anybudy even wishing you guys all the best. Just said that is it for me personally.


So stop commenting if you got nothing good to say.



To be fair though, the message you get from reading the OP is "I'm rage quitting because I burnt some items".

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