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Bahamut, yeniçeri vs etc..

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TR: Herkese selam. PUS'ta bulunan Bahamut, yeniçeri, Gryphon ve pathos gibi ürünlerde açıklama bulunmuyor. Verdikleri bufflar ve buff seçenekleri ile ilgili forum'da da herhangi bir bilgi bulamadım. Bunlarla ilgili açıklama olması satın almadan öncesi için çok faydalı olacaktır.
Bu arada kanatlarla ilgili bilgi almak için GM Heung'a pm attım, göremediğim başlık vs varsa paylaşmasını bekleyerek. Tek tek hepsini açıkladı. Kendisine ve apexko ekibine teşekkür ederim.

ENG: Hello everyone. There is no explanation about Bahamuts, Yeniceri, Gryphons and pathos gloves. What buffs do they give, what options do we have for buffs, i couldn't see any thing about this subject on ApexKO Forum. Before buying them, if we had a chance to see what special features do they have, it would be really good for us i think.
Btw i asked questions to GM Heung about wings, i wanted to see if there is some thing about them on forum, i wanted a link. He explained every thing one by one. Thanks to him and all Apexko team.

ESP: Loading :P

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  • English Game Master

The cospre armors should give you either 30 and 20 def, 200 and 100hp or 4% and 2% exp depending on which kind you choose.

The larger bonus is for the armor piece and the smaller for the helmet piece.


The pathos glove give you either 2% increased damage overall and 3% bonus damage to a select class, or 10 defence and 3% defence from a select class.

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