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Events and server growth


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Hello every one,


So yesterday we had the GM KILL EVENT and we were talking alot about it, some people liked it very much, but most didnt. The ORCGM saw us talking about it a little, there is the point we were talking:


How can the server grow if the only extra event there is, is this GM KILL EVENT there only people with some gear can join otherwise they will just donate nps to the most geared guys.

What's the point of giving silver gems in the GM KILL EVENT? for most it doesnt seems to have an impact (motivating) people to come.

According to the first thing i said in order to try some pk activity at least people need the skills to do so, or otherwise again they will just donate nps, so what about giving a thought in how to make it worth for players play on apex and have some fun with their friends or make a new ones.



So , some ppl that heard our conversation said you got itens blablabla, but i wasnt talking about my self, in fact i have a pretty good gear, was just trying to help others to get it and enjoy the server.

like Ubi said on other post they need to figure out a way to balance at least how people do the quest's of skills . (Just think, how can a guy that doesnt is geared go to bowl to scout for lupus, lobo etc) will get it done? buying from other where the price is expensive?.

I know it is a farm server but if they dont do anything about ppl who couldnt make it, they will start leaving the server, im not saying to give itens or anything but this thing about skills is pretty sad how they will farm or anything to get geared .


Give it some thoughts

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I agree with what you have said. 


the server growth s pointer is obviously going down, and in my opinion that's happen because they ignored the necessary facilities for the pk system, we just reached to a point where ppl start CCing to assassin's class, so they can solo pk .. since it's away hard for warriors, magics and priests to solo pk and ofc that's based on poor activity in ronark land, this story just kill the fun of the game and cause boredom -> result "inactivity" 


honestly you have a chance to make this project very successful and especially you have the ingredients of success (good developers, popularity and reputation as well pro players who are well known everywhere ) but you miss a lil of wisdom in decision-making 


only required is a balance between choices ( Farm and PK plans ), for now it seems clear ( 90% in favor of farm )

once you fix that, you will not be worried about nation imbalance for example


for the ppl who are saying "Its a fram server, if you don't like it then find another server " .. believe me that's already happened

in management science, gain new customers is not a success, but maintaining them is the essence of success 



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I agree, kill the gm -event is for players that want mass-pk. Nothing to do there for newcomers. 

They should make the casual exp -event on next weekend, but with 2x the bonus exp. That help's more newcomers than old players.


I don't know if the bifrost increase is coming on next patch, but it should be up like 4 times / day for people to get their farm together.

Also having boss -event similiar than in beginning wouldn't hurt, the prices are low already but they could go a bit lower either way.

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the first thing that needs to be done is making leveling much easier.New solo players can do nothing since theres no exp parties going on.Everyone has a life.They dont have time to lvl up for days on a private server.Hard item farming is ok but leveling nothxbb.I know its called a farm server but it causes Nothing more than just bore ppl out.And server growth is directly related to Turks playing or not.If u dont advertise for them,it will never grow :lol:

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Agree with everyone here, @SPANKME that's right make bifrost more often for every region .


@DHC indeed gms need to talk with us and make something about it not just read and leave us, every decision must be discussed with the community if they want the server to grow .

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Regarding EXP, I don't know how many players playing Apexko are familiar with game mechanics. I've been playing this game in and out for so many years and I found absolutely amazing how people don't know how to solo exp. I leveled my char on my own in probably 1 week and a half. Only been part (as a healer) of a few AOC parties but I didn't even get a level. Leveling is easy. Really easy. I see people struggling with this because they think that the only way to level up is to be invited to a high lvl party and leech exp as much as they can. I invited myself many low level players that didn't contribute to the party during the whole time, they just stay there being afk while we were doing the work. So I don't know how easier could it be. Just stick to one mob that gives good EXP and good kill/time rate and then move to next one, do MS or kill mobs that drop MS, they give a good EXP boost. Get EXP flashes. After lvl 80, yes you'll need parties and more sophisticated method to level up, but is still easy. I'm not 83 because I'm lazy. I have 20 MS on my magic bags that I don't want to do because I'm quite sick of the same map and same drops over and over.


What this server needs is again, reward the player for the grinding time, this makes people make parties to get stuff, just like bitfrost but that's a gambling game mostly. I've been soloing titans for a few days and I'm only getting exceptional iron bows, I've been trying other mobs like Booros, Balogs, Evil Wizards, Dark Stones and they don't drop good loot, at least not high rate which makes me stick with the only mob that actually drops in a high rate. I know it sounds stupid but in other servers Titan party for "not only iron bow" exceptionals are popular and a good spot to raid. I think drop rate should be higher, there still content that need fossil farming or attending events so I don't see why CZ mobs shouldn't drop stuff like shells +2 or +3 at higher rates.  

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