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Found 324 results

  1. Achieve'de başarımlardan dolayı kazanmış olduğum kanatlar mevcut. Utc mob kill vesaire, fakat kanatlara tıkladığımda alamıyorum. 2020_3_24_7_43_2.ksc
  2. hello gentlemen administrators I would like to know why, soon after I became king, I didn't have access to Delos (my clan won csw)
  3. Zibizibizuzu canından Habibirush kendine yakıştığı şekilde haksız yere ana bacı sövdü önce Allaha sonra yetkililere havale ediyorum böyle adamlarında onları barındıran görmezden gelenlerinden Allah belasını versin ben hakkımı helal etmiyorum Zibizibizuzu from the life of Habibirush unfairly blasphemically unleashed the main chimney before God, I would refer to the authorities of these men who ignore those who ignore them I do not halal my right
  4. I started Draki Rift about 9:48pm PST USA. I was unable to pick up 7x Draki chests. some were old and some new. Not sure how many each but it was 7x all together.
  5. At Official KO Commander 10 minutes after the Lunar War opens, Commands are given to the 5 clan leader that have the highest national points. Summon Unable to use Teleport Friend Scroll (PUS item) and Calling Friend Scroll cannot be used. Loading Screen It is possible to use Calling Friend Scroll and individual summon skill I think commander rule should carry out. Many players make new clan, being commander easily even if players are newest. I think we are all in need of cooldown for Teleport Friend Scroll. Therefore, we can battle against each other at war. What do you think about it? @Aesteris @twostars
  6. Good morning you could put it to drop light elemental stone, because even with premium and dc fresh the drop rate ta very bad...
  7. What can I do to improve these weapons for a port higher than +5?
  8. Buying Krowaz Assassin Boots +7 or +8 Private message in game or on forum: MERET
  9. We start the day with the worst news. The deceptive publication says Kurian have been reworked but it's really the opposite. They says it would be based on the original vertion but is not true. 1. Spells cant stack, still same than 1 year ago (is not like oficial vertions) 2. Spell range atack still the same than months ago ( is not like oficial vertions) 3. Contract of Soul skill ability have been Deleted or disabled, that mean that the Devil Kurian character has been disabled, no matter how much mp u got the dmg per second still 100/80 (is not like oficial vertions) 4. Demolition of Devil skill are useless. ( is not like oficial vertions) 5. Devil transformation coldown still 5 mins. ( this one need fix for apexko speed play ) Far from being a improvement they are killing a character, i consider this to be a lack of respect for the players of this class, if you guys are not going to do a good job, leave the character as is, but no longer fvck more than the character is. For all the above demand a quick solution, since is useless to have 250 of stamina power if the skills do not inflinct any damage, or on the contrary we demand a compensation, since the items that we have will not have any value in the market and represents for us time and money lost . Cordially greetings Revolver @Aesteris @twostars @Sierra @Omega
  10. BUYY --> CHAOS BAAL +11
  11. Hello i see bug in holy mage we know this armor more def than +9 rosetta mage its okey i hope understand me i explain now if u check rosetta +9 mage armor pads have def =125 robe have def = 142 holy knight mage armor +7 pads have def= 130 robe have def= 147 its good now im use krowaz helmet mage have 103 def rosetta helemt 97 def boots holy +8 use have def 86 rosetta boots +9 have def 69 guntles holy have def 81 guntles rosetta +9 have def 69 so if me use the rosetta +9 my hp going up i know that but def low but if use the item's holy my def going up and ho going low im use helmet krowaz +5reb holy boots +5 reb so/// guntles pads robe them +1 reb should get def up more than rosetta +9 if use this armor its not i see bug here when i use the holy armor and krowaz helmet my def going low 5 how ? i dont understand its bug i think please i need team apexko check this if this bug its big problem ! sorry for english bad but i hope you understand me thanks
  12. I bought yesterday from a character called '' BRASILEIRINHAS / Skindr3d '' a Bombastic BAAL + 11reb, after making the payment and damn the purchase, a few minutes later I was disconnected from the server, and shortly after entering again the item was not in mine account . I want my item back how do I proceed?
  13. Xmas event is finish, so what do we do now ? How to get Item ? Where is the farm area ? Anyone knows Yılbaşı etkinliği bitti ve şuan ne olacağını farm nası yapacağımızı bilmiyoruz ? Bilgisi olan var mı ?
  14. I want to know, how many nps do I need to downl the acredited grades and Royal
  15. should have a control of the nation transfer, example once a week why every time a strong clan changes nation, 70% of the server also changes, all week there were 60 humans in the bow against 6/10 orc, pk was ridiculous this week
  16. Hello guys, I am starting this game in the U.S. And I want to use korean in this game. But when I tried to type Korean ingame, it shows kind of alien language and question marks. I set my computer language korean but it does not affect in game language. Please help me, I really want to play this game KO @twostars @Aesteris
  17. I opened the topic why the form is also related to the mages when you open the subject to delete what you say your purpose Let's not waste your game time what is your goal is how do you play a gm mage that you chose because of the mouses that left the game and you don't do anything at all Do you want to be a user in this game or do you want to close mage playing in the game because of a gm mage attacks do not make any correction is no longer correct everyone leaves the game deletes the selected gm......??????????????????????????
  18. here in Brazil my friends and I are very lag, as soon as we approach other players, 80% of Brazilians are lagged This has already been about 6 hours, and it has not improved.
  19. Hi there, I want to start to play devil kurian so I have to know that before start to play; Why there is no "drop"s for nepilim or why that weapon is not in the starter pack? Also I wonder that why kurian's have to gear up like warriors, i mean why only secret porutu set we can only obtain with high risks and high amount of money?(I am aware of players can obtain DSC with MP) But, why there is no "Krowaz Porutu Gear" Just asking, so any idea? Thanks... Selamlar, Devil kurian oynamak istiyorum ama bundan önce şunu merak ediyorum; Arkadaşlar neden nepilim "drop"u yok ya da başlangıç eşyalarında nepilim opsiyonu konulmamış? Ayrıca neden devil oynayan kurianlar secret porutu set dışında warrior gibi giyinmek zorunda?(DSC mp basılıyor biliyorum) Ama neden "Krowaz porutu zırhları" yok? Gerçekten merak ediyorum. Teşekkürler... (DSC: Dragon Scale Armor)
  20. Brinco Opal 2x +3 ; 2000kc 2x Roc +3 Corda do Crânio +3 ; 3500kc Bola de Bombas +11 ; 4500kc Gabs Adam +8 ; 1500kc Padrões / Pads / Botas Krowaz +8 PM ; ViperxD - caixa de entrada. Ty ... GG
  21. Little guide I put together because I wanted to. Link to excel-file ApexGuide.xlsx I will keep editing/updating Excel-file as I learn new things and fix false info/add more info. Pictures will not be updated very often.
  22. Tony

    ultima quest bug

    today just killed ultima with [IGN-MrSmart] ID-subha) but quest not completed. please check this Thank You. https://imgur.com/a/VU1rNXU
  23. I always go in the draki tower, today I was with 10 certificate of draki, after I entered I realized that the 10 certificates were gone once I would like to be reimbursed... character DonnyDonowitz or Ageuvk
  24. Make ultima quests np more than 5000 because all of players change nation and most of the players cant pk
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