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Found 317 results

  1. Xmas event is finish, so what do we do now ? How to get Item ? Where is the farm area ? Anyone knows Yılbaşı etkinliği bitti ve şuan ne olacağını farm nası yapacağımızı bilmiyoruz ? Bilgisi olan var mı ?
  2. I want to know, how many nps do I need to downl the acredited grades and Royal
  3. TheMadOne

    ApexKO PVP Movie I KO 2019

    Added commentary - let me know what you think will be sharing move movies coming up from recent christmas and new year celebration PK hope you enjoy! Like, Subscribe and hit the notification bell, Also leave a comment for some love. Been a while getting back into the Edit scene!
  4. should have a control of the nation transfer, example once a week why every time a strong clan changes nation, 70% of the server also changes, all week there were 60 humans in the bow against 6/10 orc, pk was ridiculous this week
  5. Hello guys, I am starting this game in the U.S. And I want to use korean in this game. But when I tried to type Korean ingame, it shows kind of alien language and question marks. I set my computer language korean but it does not affect in game language. Please help me, I really want to play this game KO @twostars @Aesteris
  6. I opened the topic why the form is also related to the mages when you open the subject to delete what you say your purpose Let's not waste your game time what is your goal is how do you play a gm mage that you chose because of the mouses that left the game and you don't do anything at all Do you want to be a user in this game or do you want to close mage playing in the game because of a gm mage attacks do not make any correction is no longer correct everyone leaves the game deletes the selected gm......??????????????????????????
  7. ageu1000


    here in Brazil my friends and I are very lag, as soon as we approach other players, 80% of Brazilians are lagged This has already been about 6 hours, and it has not improved.
  8. Hi there, I want to start to play devil kurian so I have to know that before start to play; Why there is no "drop"s for nepilim or why that weapon is not in the starter pack? Also I wonder that why kurian's have to gear up like warriors, i mean why only secret porutu set we can only obtain with high risks and high amount of money?(I am aware of players can obtain DSC with MP) But, why there is no "Krowaz Porutu Gear" Just asking, so any idea? Thanks... Selamlar, Devil kurian oynamak istiyorum ama bundan önce şunu merak ediyorum; Arkadaşlar neden nepilim "drop"u yok ya da başlangıç eşyalarında nepilim opsiyonu konulmamış? Ayrıca neden devil oynayan kurianlar secret porutu set dışında warrior gibi giyinmek zorunda?(DSC mp basılıyor biliyorum) Ama neden "Krowaz porutu zırhları" yok? Gerçekten merak ediyorum. Teşekkürler... (DSC: Dragon Scale Armor)
  9. ViperxD

    Sell Warrior itens

    Brinco Opal 2x +3 ; 2000kc 2x Roc +3 Corda do Crânio +3 ; 3500kc Bola de Bombas +11 ; 4500kc Gabs Adam +8 ; 1500kc Padrões / Pads / Botas Krowaz +8 PM ; ViperxD - caixa de entrada. Ty ... GG
  10. Little guide I put together because I wanted to. Link to excel-file ApexGuide.xlsx I will keep editing/updating Excel-file as I learn new things and fix false info/add more info. Pictures will not be updated very often.
  11. Tony

    ultima quest bug

    today just killed ultima with [IGN-MrSmart] ID-subha) but quest not completed. please check this Thank You. https://imgur.com/a/VU1rNXU
  12. I always go in the draki tower, today I was with 10 certificate of draki, after I entered I realized that the 10 certificates were gone once I would like to be reimbursed... character DonnyDonowitz or Ageuvk
  13. huking

    Ultima quest

    Make ultima quests np more than 5000 because all of players change nation and most of the players cant pk
  14. Hektor

    Please Help !

    Hello, I need help, Im trying to log in to my apexKO account in game and I get massage " Your email address needs to be verified befor you can log in. Remeber to check your spam/junk for the e-mail." When I log in my e-mail address I didnt get any verification link... What should I do ? Thanks
  15. Darkassasin


    Hello i have an issue with otp on my account i forgot the auth id/code how and Where do i somehow retrieve this info or reset the code. I have all the info for account to game login, code , sealcode vip code and so on. Hope ya can Help
  16. olcii123

    Buying Warrior Items/Character

    PM me here. looking for good items.


    start a bastıktan sonra ''Please restart your client to finish applying updates.thanks'' hatası çıkıyor. clienti tekrar tekrar yükletmeme rağmen oyun açılmıyor
  18. SweetKiss

    Sell buy

  19. Sell: Krowaz mage helmet +11 reb 3000 apex Pm me here or in game when i online. English
  20. SELLİNG WEAPON ,ARMOR, ACCESORİES, ███▓▒░░Toplu uygun fiyatlı itemleriniz alınır ░░▒▓███ BUY--> +8 AHDAGA (ADAGA) BUY--> +11 priest krowaz parts BUY --> +0 +1 +2 +3 ARARAT RİNG BUY --> +0 +1 +2 +3 PONTUS RİNG CONTACT ALLANOOOON İN GAME IALLANOONI, ERETRIAAAA, IIALLANOONII whatsap: +905522298974
  21. AS A TOPİC SAY GUYS +0 +1 +2 +3 ARARAT RİNG +0 +1 +2 +3 ARARAT RİNG +0 +1 +2 +3 ARARAT RİNG +0 +1 +2 +3 ARARAT RİNG ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +0 +1 +2 +3 PONTUS RİNG +0 +1 +2 +3 PONTUS RİNG +0 +1 +2 +3 PONTUS RİNG +0 +1 +2 +3 PONTUS RİNG R CONTACT: İN GAME : IIALLANOOONII , ERETRIAAAAA , ALLANOOOON IIALLANOONII
  22. dnzckrhn

    Need help with the OTP

    Hello everyone, I had an old account and I decided to restart the game. When I tried to enter the game it wanted a OTP code. There is Authentication application in my phone but I couldn't find ApexKO's QR code to scan so that I cannot get OTP code. What do I do? How can i get OTP code? I tried to log in at website but it also wants OTP code which I couldn't get. Thanks in advance for help. Herkese merhaba arkadaşlar, uzun bi aradan sonra tekrar ApexKO'ya başlama kararı aldım ama oyuna girişte OTP kodu istiyor. Önceden telefonumdaki Authenticator uygulamasından OTP kodu alabiliyordum ancak onu sildiğim için şimdi tekrar bi QR code taratmam gerekiyor ki OTP kodu alabileyim. Sİteye girerken de OTP kodu istediği için siteye de giriş yapabiliyorum. Bu sorun nasıl çözülür? Yardım için şimdiden teşekkür ederim. Herkese iyi günler
  23. SirVAROL

    UTC Rings Upgrade Problem

    @Sierra @twostars @Aesteris
  24. Melody


    Hello there, So basically we all know that the PK activity in Coloy Zone is only during Ultima & Felankor. And during the weekends just in RLB Wars, Lunar WARS & Castle Siege War. I think that for once and good, you should organised and make the Events more interesting... Ultima: So right now we've Ultima spawns 2 times a day which we all know when they spawn... Which it solved the problem with Ultima not been killed, also because it more rewarded. Felankor: We've Felankor which it spawn randomly everyday betweens 8 hours to 10 hours, I guess?.. Which mean basically the people that actually killed first Felankor they will try their best to be there for the next respawn because they need the money ('farm' or want the 'chest') then they will log to most active side and kill Felankor ASAP. 1) It's not hard to kill Felankor, basically just few rogues and few mages can kill it. 2) They care about 'Felankor Chest' which is more rewarded than 'Ultima Chest' Also the DROP from Felankor is more rewarded than Ultima DROP. 3) Right now, Felankor respawns a little bit more than twice a day. Caslte Siege WAR: CSW is the most enjoyable & favorite Event I ever enjoyed. At least it was for me, till I lost a little bit from the excitement of the GAME. A part to Clans Tournament which I had played on USKO Servers. So CSW is more rewarded than ever in my opinion more than the 5K Apex Points reward. Because every single clan can partcipate and it gives opportunity to every single clan to win CSW and reward 2 Days of a Set Holy Knight Amors+11Reverse.. Broder Defense War: So basically BDW isn't that interesting anymore, but what I about to come with might be sound a little bit crazy for many but look at the positive side. With that been said. My suggestions: 1) About Ultima & Felankor: Add a time to Felankor make something like Ultima, 30mins before Ultima and Then Ultima. Or First Ultima and Than Felankor since Felankor is easier to kill and more rewarded.. So better to keep the cherry to the end. So the PK will last at least for 1 hour, twice a day with a Good Activity. It makes it a lot more interesting at least for my part of view. 2) About CSW: You can just add another CSW a week, like Sunday & Wednesday or Wedensday & Saturday. You can make a poll for that when it comes to that. A. CSW become a little bit activer in the past few weeks because of the reward.. B. Since the reward last just for 2 days and not been so usefull because of no Events during weekdays [WARS or any other Events]. 3) About BDW: Right now BDW based on lucky you've, if did you get in or not. in the first place :P. And if you are lucky enough to have even a single priest in your party not to speak about 2 priests or a cuber, in that case :P. A. In my opinion you should make BDW Nation VS Nation. of course to take in mind the exactly mount of players of each Nation. So basically PPL will have the opportunity to make their own Party. and be prepared before it even starts. What we could ask for more? Small MAP, Nation VS Nation LOTS of PK!. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * I didn't had much time to open that topic, so I open with no time. but there is a lot more to improve, but let's start with those suggestions. * My request from the community please KEEP OUT anything that not related to this subjects [Events , Activity in CZ]. I'm usually not making topics like never, so please respect my request. Greets, Eden || Melody.