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Found 312 results

  1. Hello apex players, we have a clan PurpleFuzzyUnicorns we were once a big clan but most of us quit to go to another game , but me and a couple of friends stayed and we are looking for some new english speaking melees and priests that use teamspeak 3 . We don't look at what gear you are playing with , we need skilled players that always follow the commander and respects other fellow clan members and don't cause any drama in the clan ! If you are interested you could send me a pm right here or you could pm me (GuardOfGRUMPY) in game or the other clan leader (Vapor)(NecessaryEvil). Rules To Join Clan : 1-English Speaking! 2-Have TeamSpeak 3 3-Respect other members 4-Following The Commander 5-Always be in teamspeak 3 if you want a really good party in CSW / War / Cz ... ETC.. 6-Willing to help other clan members to gear up / farming 7-Always be active 8-If you are offline for more than 5-6 days and you haven't informed the leader you will be kicked out of the clan . Thank you , hope we get some good melees !
  2. A long time ago you started your serverice named Apex'ko and sometimes you manage very well sometimes incorrect figure was managed. We opened user will be our first Rica New Server Apexko 2 Light as Pk and the introduction of new events for example Example: Ardream Map, Clan tournament 50vs50 tournament in the Map and ardream Both Czar separate ways and other innovations. We believe that you as a team Server 2 grain can easily manage our You do not even think about opening Rica New Server New Server Açılsınm Voting: Who do Gelicek olucaktır Comments Very nice. If you do what I say, for your benefit, taking into account the best forums!. Uzun Bir süre önce Apex'ko adlı serverinizi Açtınız ve Bazen çok iyi bir şekilde yönettiniz Bazen Hatalı Şekilde Yönetildi . Biz userler olarak sizden Ricamız Yeni Server Apexko 2 Light Pk olarak açılması ve Yeni eventler getirilmesi Mesela Örnek : Ardream Map , Clan turnuvası 50vs50 turnuva Map'ında Hem ardream Hem Cz Ayrı şekillerde ve benzeri yenilikler. İnanıyoruzki Sizin Gibi Bir Ekip 2 Tane Serveri Kolaylıkla yönetebilir Sizden Ricamız Yeni Server açmayı Düşünmüyorsanız bile Yeni Server Açılsınmı Oylaması Yapmanız Gelicek Olan Çok Güzel Yorumlar olucaktır. Dikkate alıp DEdiklerimi Yaparsanız Sizin Yararınızadır iyi Forumlar !
  4. JustPlayingZ

    JustPlayingZ Sell/Buy

    BUY LKE +0 ROL +0 SSE +0 GB +0 SELL BUS = 899k EDIT*
  5. Its always fun to go after your rival and with the current rivalry duration its quite hard. If your rival dies once to someone else then by the time he leaves town and you meet him again rivalry expires. So Im thinking that it would be fun to extend rivalry time - current time * 3?
  6. Hey, can anyone check warriors from CrazyTime clan? Aside from macro they have weird attack range. Take this guy for example OoooBSoooO. Also its not that skill which extends attack range. (23 master) ty
  7. knight online apexko Lzzzzzzzzzzz macro glitch autopot bug abuser!!! i can not believe he want to showing how noob he is !!! https://apexko.com/character/Lzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. AsunaSan

    Asuna Newest B/S List

    Selling :- AOC +2 Buying :- Priest Krowaz Set +8
  9. AsunaSan

    S>Boombastic Baal +7 REV

    Pm me here or in game "Asuna"
  10. AsunaSan

    S>Boombastic Baal +8

    Pm me ingame "Asuna" or here
  11. as i said, buy>>>>>+11 ETS leave me ur offer as a pm bb
  12. MostHatredxx


  13. PM : 4MeTa or VISSOTTO
  14. JustPlayingZ


    BUY!!! krowaz mage glove +8 krowaz mage boot +8 (BUY AREADY) imir ring +2 2x and BUS!! pm your best price tq tq!!! #NODRAMA
  15. As the title suggests, pm me here or ingame "Asuna"
  16. +11 Rev Bombastic Wirinom +2 Dual Roc +2 Dual Opal Earing +2 Amulet of STR +1 Iron Set +8 War Kro Set Send me a PM For your offers.
  17. I used to play a server where killing OBL and Bif monu would reward you NPs. I found it very interesting and challenging so I'm suggesting the same for ApexKO because right now those are pretty pointless in bowl.
  18. Selling :- Warrior Krowaz Helmet / Pauldron / Gauntlet +5 rev Opal Earring +2 PE +2 Sash of Sorrows +1 Dual ROC +2 Buying :- Priest Krowaz Set +8 Dual SSE +2 Dual ROL +2 Gabs Abdamant +7 / +1 rev PM me in game "Asuna" or here
  19. Well, i started here last week, i've been farming and upgrading, but avil hate me so everything burnt, still using basic gear. I can play warrior(working on gear up my war) can also play mage(used to nova town on sexyko and KO4U), and can also play archer. Karus or Elmorad doesn matter. I have TS but cant use mic because the room where i play is not private.
  20. Buy Krowas +8 Warrior Set / 2XOpalEarring+2 / SSE+2 / 2XROL +2 PM L2Custody
  21. I feel like there should be a type of auto chat banning system for people that spam chat more then 20-50 times within a amount of time , yea ill spam a bit 2 but not over load the hell outta chat just soo people see what im selling or buying. Some people over do it like crazy but me i do it like 5 times and wait a bit like 2 or 3 mins before i do it again . my chat block list probably has atleast 20+ people muted in chat soo i dont see that stuff no more and every time i go to mora i gotta keep doing it because its just non stop spam and its kinda getting outta hand If GM's can't put in a auto chat ban system then atleast should ban them from chat for a day you else agrees and share your opinions and thoughts about spammers Thanks for reading <3
  22. BUYING SOS +2 / SOS +1 / LKP +2 / LKP +1 / KROWAS +8 PRIEST
  23. SELLING BEST WARRIOR ITEMS ** +11 SWEET KISS WIRINOM ** ** +11 UNDEFEATABLE NEBIROS (ONLY ONE IN SERVER) ** ** Iron Neck +2 ** ** Iron Neck +2 ** Ammy of STR +2 ** Strings of Skulls +2 ** Platnium Earring +2 Hero's Valor +2 OTHER ITEMS +11 HEPA RAPTOR (210 AP) +11 HANGUK SWORD +11 AVEDON +11 SPEAR OF MURKY +0 CHITIN SHIELD +11 DREAD SHIELD +7 GABS ADAMENT IRON NECK +0 PRIEST PENDANT +1 STRINGS OF SKULLS +1 SASH OF SORROWS +1 ROGUE ITEMS ** ELF BELT +2 ** AMULET OF DEX +2 MAGE ITEMS +11 SCORCHING STAFF (ONLY ONE ON THE SERVER) +11 GLACIER ERENION *** LOOKING FOR GG SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY PM ME ON HERE *** ROGUE S< SILVER EARRING +2 - SOLD!!!!! S< SILVER EARRING +2 - SOLD!!!!! S< IRON BELT - SOLD!!!!! S< X2 COCKATRICE EARRINGS +1 --- SOLD!!!!! WARRIOR S< SASH OF SORROW +2 - SOLD!!!!! 5k S< SASH OF SORROW +1 - SOLD!!!!! ** +11 HELLBREAKER ** - SOLD!!!!! 30 ** +11 BOMBASTIC BAAL ** - SOLD ** Warrior Chitin Gauntlets +11/19str ** - SOLD Warrior Krowaz Helmet +8/15str - SOLD Warrior Krowaz Pauldron +8/15str - SOLD Warrior Krowaz Boots +8/15str - SOLD Warrior Krowaz Pads +8/15str - SOLD Ammy of STR +2 - SOLD ** Strings of Skulls +2 ** - SOLD Minotaur Earring +2 - SOLD Opal Earring +2 - SOLD Ring of Courage +2 - SOLD Ring of Courage +2 - SOLD
  24. Buy>KROWAS+8Priest/2XROL+2/LKP+2/GlasBelt+2/AztecGoldFulitol+8(+5Rebirth)... Pm ; L2Custody thank !