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  1. Devo

    Divine Recruiting for english members!

    Join this great clan !!!
  2. Devo

    Deep Turkish Techniques

    It seems GM's are still slow to react or scared to make a move. Been 2 months ago that i played but, you didnt even need to combo to cancel all priests with arrows shower/ multi arrow. Skilled or not skilled didnt matter. But this guys seems to be running the Chinees program that makes it look like you twitch (at start) and does not get cancelled _O_ BlackAQ. For not being banned yet even for all his trolls on all his topics. Got back after 2 months and he is still here pissing people off. GM's are to scared to step up. Hes been warned like what 200 times now ?
  3. Devo

    Change the behavior of /town

    How should this help anything? /town with a 10 sec cooldown. I would think those 10 secs are well passed when it even matters. Takes a good 3 secs to get out town, Takes more then 10 secs to see any action, unless ofcourse there is a party standing near town... Im geussing it a 10 second delay, where 3 secs sounds good. Seeing as the server will go full pk now.
  4. Devo

    Genie, Auto Looting and a few more questions!

    You are a gmae changer, Thank you. Never even knew this o.O The game changed so much over the years.
  5. Devo

    General feedback

    I agree with 2,3,4,6 and 8. People worked hard for those +11 items, It would be a shame to get rit of them now. NP that you can use for medals, also great. And yea those Aegis, Hrunting, etc. etc. weapons but specially the shields changed evrything in this game.
  6. Devo

    Genie, Auto Looting and a few more questions!

    This doesnt work. The invisible boxes will be there for around 15 mins. So it doesnt work when you sleep. As for setting up the autoloot. Where? -.- never even knew that was an option.
  7. Devo

    Juraid Gems/Items

    Hardly anyone goes to juraid now.. Please delete all the non gem drops. Hell maybe better to increase the gem drops aswell.
  8. Devo


    Kurian with anger = death to a whole party xD. Not sure if its intented like this but when kurian use anger its a dot of 2800+. Its a party killer ^^.
  9. Im just lucky it seems 1 in 2 does a crit. But it seems its 36%? I did type it in there what your replying to. But any mage party that was ever on the server left within 2 weeks. Even in the first server Mages could still do something. But for some reason they are compleety nerfed on this one. Even tho it is said they didnt changed any thing to a Mage. and maybe some change in classes in pk could help the server pk?
  10. If i may ask, why? You need to pay 100kc more for these wings just cause of how they look. To then top it off you cant store them and are stuck on 1 char? That doesnt make sence for something you buy with KC.
  11. The only mages you really see in CZ, are VVVV, Bullet, Laxus and Zamun. They are all Light cause like you say its the only class that is atleast a bit usefull. And yes mages have always been squishy, but atleast before the big jamadar weapons and the lower cp you could stay alife on your own as light tankish mage. Now it doesnt even matter anymore, no duffs are needed to kill a mage. Unless a priest is spam healing the mage it will die ^^. As for Archer that powershot is just to laugh at really. Tested on my rogue again today, 1 out of 5-6 worked. Thats on someone that doesnt move haha. CP = 50% and is over 4 skills xD Seems a very bit off to me. As for priest i really dont know, dont play priest, only sin and mage. Just thought it would also apply to them. And people who play priest can fill in the blanks. Say the people that only play to troll players. I really wonder why you 2 arent muted yet? As for the mp mage? Dont think there is any mage in the server that has many stat point in mp. Simply cause you need the hp to be able to survive. The population is to low and lets face it there never was a real mage clan on the server. I think it would work well for the server to add in this and make it a more playable class, for this server. Specially for Fire and Ice. What is why i suggested lowering resists. Could be nice idea, and maybe for the staffs instead of -75ac +75ac?
  12. As of now ever since the new changes to a sin, the majority is playing sin now instead of warrior. What is nice and at the same time shit. Nearly all the mages disapeared now from CZ. including my self. Cause it just so easy to kill a mage with a sin. GAB+7, Rosetta+7, DD+7, Iron belt/Quickness necklace +1/Quickness belt = 3k damage from spike.... As mage with some bad luck you can be a 3 hit -.- this is no joke But as i already said it in a pevious topic adding the new jamadar weapons and a boost on CP is just to much. And all this was just to close the gap with warriors. Well Priest and specially Mages got facked with this change. Mean while Archers, Mages and Priests who have been a talking topic for a long time are still the same. Priest got introduced to the new str thing, what appenrently did absolutely nothing. Cause no one plays it. Personally i think it would be a nice change to see some reduction in resistance. Also make Powershot 100% cause that skill is a joke, really. seen an archer part and not a single PowerShot hit me, or did 300 damage hahaha. Add paper defences to the game. So a paper mage and a paper bp and a paper warrior are posssible. And seeing as it to late to take out all 107AP jamadar weapons, i would suggest dropping CP back to 33% ----If you can help it no flames and trolls----
  13. Devo

    Invisible Bug

    I take it your talking about monsters? I can confirm this. As mage i see it daily "allot" Specially on mobs i aoe. You can only see them from an angel at a far away distance.
  14. Devo

    Report players AFK in events

    Its nice doing all this and not being able to play FT Mean all these people / multi accounts gain items for other work... Yes big tip!! Pissed off.. Your killing your own server fi you dont make work of your promises and start being more active.. Posting these names, when im almost sure nothing will be done. Clap clap big Fuck you in da face. And it was such a promising start.
  15. Devo

    Chitin Shield

    My idea was to delete them all. And add them to [Newcomers] Guide? Non tradeable ofc. (But storeable, so the newcomers can use them on all the chars on the acount) As some seem to feel its need for all those new items maybe to all of them? Tho i my self think its only a MUST!!! for the shields. Raum +7>Hrunting As for the shields only a adamant +7 is better.... Blessing is same as the Aegis since a mage is shit on this server, so no one plays it.