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  1. Atleast they need to do something. Right now FT and JR are the only event worth opting Join on.
  2. You can turn them in in Moradon at Operator Moria. Check your map for the npc. She's in the top left corner of Moradon. Idk what they drop. There's no droplist of that.
  3. In order for bdw to actually work and keep people from leaving early would be to balance the bdw rooms and spread out the classes evenly to create balance. This is doable but is very timeconsuming to do and takes some programming knowledge, however its just basic math and you could also improve the code by making it so that it checks individual players gear or/and stats to create even more detailed balance. I think the devs knows how to make improvements, however it is very timeconsuming and who knows what they are getting paid...
  4. I had an old router laying around that i plugged in after i used the code on 1 account. That gave me a new ip adress and i could use the code on a different account. In your case i really dont know how to solve it. I guess if you got wifi on your pc, you will get 1 new ip per pc and you could try using that instead but its not reliable.
  5. Yea this is quite annoying to be honest. There's also other occasions where the ip adresses are conflicted... For instance: Genie error, only 1 per ip can use genie. Event error, only 1 per ip can enter events. Bonus codes error, only 1 per ip can use the bonus codes. Y'all need to fix this!
  6. You could, however, make a droplist atleast.
  7. Hello, In my house i have 2 pc with 2 diff accounts. On 1 pc with my own acc i can claim the giftcode but on my 2nd pc with another acc i cannot claim the code. Error: "Claim limit has been reached." What am I supposed to do about this? Best regards,
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