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  1. toitoi

    few questions - gab´s adamant, kurian

    Thanks for fast reply! Yeah I have to check what all curses are doing. Thank you! Ohh, then it is nice Helps a lot! Thank you! Many people will not be happy to have me in party:D , but I have fun! Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have really not played knight online for a long time, and much much has changed. 1st question - there is shield gab´s adamant. Sometimes enemy is not abble to atack you, which is pretty fine. But what I noticed, I couldn´t do anything, couldn´t heal myself. What I can do, or did I something wrong? 2nd question - kurians - if there is kurian or more kurians in party against, does it mean Iam walking dead? (as a priest). Noticed that in 1 sec is 8 ppl on me, or stun is their favorite toy . What to do, if you are in stun, you can use only pots right? However, there is some tactics against? or only just run away from their range ? And their next skill - something appears above my head, which is doing fine dmg. Onetime I got this present as a rogue, nothing more, only this skill, and damages were bigger than my heals. I don´t get this class. I apologize if I insult you by my newbie questions, and thanks for any reply or help. Thank you!