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  1. We have NT and are on the Karus side. We are looking for active players willing to help us grow and join in pk and farming parties. We are a english speaking clan with players from around the world. If interested in joining a clan and can speak english you can message OptimusPrime, Atwerp, DOUGAL, or iDraco.
  2. Recruiting is going good but we are in need of priest. Some duff and some buff. Points of contact are listed above.
  3. Any english speaking human players can PM Dougal, OptimusPrime, Atwerp for clan. Come Join us and get your share of NP from Karus!!!!!
  4. I understand, would be nice to have though.
  5. Would it be possible to have a character change option at the logout screen? It would be easier to switch characters instead of having to log completely out then back in.
  6. Active players are still needed in Kodiak. We require english speaking like minded players to join in pk events and partys. Points of contact are listed above.

    Warr Combo

    Ok awesome, all input is welcome. Does it seem like the cooldown for skills is a bit slower than in KO?

    Warr Combo

    I am curious what combos are used and what the preference is for warriors? I played in old KO and never needed to combo, i always zr2222222 and did quite well. Seems like combo is almost needed in this server. My problem is that i will see R damage but my vs does not receive it.
  9. One problem that BDW has had is people would give up too easy and leave, which keeps the party from winning.
  10. I like the idea. showing what the party is debuffed with.
  11. I am curious what everyone thinks about the idea of the pieces to make Krowas being used as a reward from BDW. Higher lvl chars dont need the BDW xp scroll and ALMOST makes BDW not needed or wanted.
  12. Fame come human and find us. we will add. either Krepin's clan or Kodiak. we are allied and someone is usually always on.
  13. Hello All Kodiak is recruiting active players. Anyone who speaks english wanting to lvl, farm, or pk is welcome. All levels and classes welcome. Only requirement is to be able to understand and speak english. Discord is available. Players we are looking for are active to pk and help alliance members and anyone needing to xp or get quest done. We are allied with GuWakZai ( G clan) who is active and helps us when asked, we do the same for them. For more information pm OptimusPrime, DOUGAL, Atwerp, or WinterBeII. Our KO goal is to have fun make friends, and make alot of thin
  14. Costing over 100gb to compound a full set of accessories is not a easy thing to do. How are players supposed to make that kind of coin without putting alot of real money into it? Sivery gems are gone now, so getting the uniqe items just went down. So what is the best way to make coin WITHOUT putting real money into it?
  15. Yeah i agree with you 100%, this is rediculous. Especially when the original game you could compound to +3 with 100% success rate. and charging 15gb to get a trina like item to give you 100% is crazy.
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