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  1. Hello there, After a vacation of 1y w/o playing this game i feel like in need of some actvity again, after job just for 1 hour day. Just wondering which time zone does we have some real activity. Also looking for a duo partner (would be awesome if Muffin could show up), ill be playing in starter gear Cheers - Smooth
  2. Smooth

    Dj old pics

    dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! np
  3. jesus, nice warrior sync = 0 ps : karim sucks
  4. Smooth

    Is there anyone around here...

    ty black for the drama. np
  5. Smooth

    Is there anyone around here...

    typing here just so i dont forget to read the next chapters.
  6. Smooth

    sell noob itens.

    S > adamant +7 S > 2x opal earring +2 cheap for kc. msg me.
  7. Smooth

    Beat this juraid record

  8. Smooth

    Guide to EWENT

  9. Smooth

    M0nkeyD1LuffyFuck AFKing

    LOL gg
  10. Smooth

    Smooth's Market!

    backbackbackbackbackback np btw nice sig
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    TheBeast Buying/Selling

    s>roc+3/roc+2 ty np
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    TukeOwnz Selling

    bump for ya