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  1. I believe this is not true at all. You can literally go Treant/Ancient SOLO and make 35-40m an hour. +6 Pieces are sitting at 250-300m, so with some time and effort you can have that set easily in less than 1 week. On the other hand if you want to FARM those pieces with FULL party its going to make you around 60m in 5 hours at Balrog. This is the reason you see ZERO 8 man parties trying to farm together. 8 man parties also bring PK and activity to CZ while the solo farm is more Genie/AFK.
  2. I understand your point but why should players that put in effort and time to manual farm and defend themself not get rewarded for it? Why is it that the genie afk farm is the most rewarding with multiple PCs?. Server have been online for roughly 3 months and there is yet to be farm out there for organized 8 man parties. The best farm have always been solo/duo at Treant/Ancient/SG/Beast-Blood seeker. This in my opinion along with the rest of the clan makes it 0 reason to go for any clan activity at all and just split up on different spots far away from any pk activity so that you can just geni
  3. At this stage on the server its more worth going genie treant than trying to conquer bowl farm manually for few hours with a full party. Can we make CZ great again? Mythril Fragments on Bifrost monsters in bowl with decent rates to make it worth staying there manually and defending from opposite nation. Please put up some daily PK quest with like 300 Kills to force people to do some pk, reward does not have to be something fancy, maybe just a silver bar? We need to do something about this PK activity.
  4. https://apexko.com/character/ikatie nice 4 day chitin +5 full quest character LOL
  5. Funny thing is that if the tables were turned and you had 2 priests instead of 3 you'd be screaming town in discord refusing to fight within 0.5 seconds. atleast we fight even with disadvantage.
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