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  1. Have you deleveled to level 79?
  2. Rogues will not disappear, relax.
  3. Trender


    It's honestly not a bad idea, but it'd require a completely new currency to be added into the game. I suspect that the reason the PUS is the choice of store due to the fact that it's linked to the website. Therefore no actual changes such as extra currency have to be made in-game.
  4. The upgrade rate isn't bad, but the drop rate feels too generous for raptors, iron impacts and shards(possibly others that I haven't found).
  5. +1, you make points I've thought about as well. I hope they look into these things.
  6. He has a right to his opinion, you absolute buffoon. He said he's fine with either, he just prefers level 70.
  7. Don't bother man, these people get upset when they can't just run at a target and kill it. They've never heard of itemization or strategizing, they just wanna scream "mages OP" rather than work on their faults. I do think level 80 would be a nice starting point though, but I'm okay with either.
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