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  1. As I told Sierra on discord, those weren't giving the 3% damage as it was showed in the pus. Those are the butterfly (looks like yellow) wings, that could be exchanged at vip npc if I'm not wrong
  2. Now I am curious, troll armors are staying or no? That changes everything instantly
  3. What kind of items could be obtained through this?
  4. LuckyHit

    Events schedule

    I've seen that there is one schedule inside the game, is this going to be the same for the official? Any changes to it, staying like it is? Not suggesting anything specific, but would be great to consider us, peruvians, into this as we are GMT-5, atleast for the incoming events. Don't have any complain, just considering any timezone ❤️
  5. That's true, the main idea of the server is not to have a spot that drop BUS on a 100%, and that shouldn't be an issue in terms of longetivity for the server, may be an issue for people but it's something that we have to deal with. As you said, we are just way too used to this. So, I'd say that it should stay like it is
  6. Would be a good idea haha. The thing would be that nobody has money to buy them, if we see through the 'BUS THING' you will see that the whole point is based on: Blood seekers are hard to farm because of spots being full, many people, low drop rate, so at the end you won't get anything to sell to the npc in order to get coins. I know there are other way to get coins, but probably they are talking about getting BUS only via Blood seekers
  7. I've made a raptor +7 as well but something that I was thinking about and I considered that is relevant to consider is that there isn't ,almost none, raids or that many people farming at same spot (consider that is all the opposite for the official). I left with genie with a random party like 4 hours or more without being bothered, I've got a total of 30 raptors (in the whole beta atm) probably which is a lot being honest but, as i said, you have to consider it's beta. Funny fact is that I won't touch like 20 raptors I have because I don't have any upgrade scroll haha.
  8. Another friend that went to human (level 17) that adquired his FIRST JOB (LVL 10) on orc side is not able to use any kind of skill once he NTed
  9. My friends just NTed to human and don't have master, thought it was solved and they can't adquire it either. OminousDaggers Drack21
  10. LuckyHit


    If you have any idea that came to your mind related to this issue, I would appreciate any suggestion tbh. Also, in CPU-Z in the MEMORY tab shows: SIZE: 8 GBytes CHANNEL #: SINGLE NB FREQUENCY: 2008.8MHZ seems like it does recognize it, am I wrong? So, I shouldn't be having this problem lol? Idk haha, worst thing is that I don't know what to change on my pc, I might just burn it all and buy all again, or I can just cry over my situation ❤️
  11. LuckyHit


    I was using w7 with 64 bit a long time. Then started to feel kinda slowly, for some reason went into properties and showed the 8gb (4gb available), tried different solutions and nothing worked. Decided to install w10 because maybe it has something to do with (thought that) and still found the same issue even with 64 bits in w10, switched memory places in both situations and still the same
  12. LuckyHit


    Nah, it's okay, I did learn after a couple of years I bought this cheap thing by looking around the internet and found like these weren't the best in all terms haha. But it's okay for the usage I gave it and the time it had last being honest, was good enough, I don't even play At all as I said, luckily
  13. LuckyHit


    Funny fact about the Ram being taken away, is that I found the issue when I was using windows 7, then tried the solutions I had on mind, internet, etc and I gave up and decided to change to w10, rrsintsll everything, etc. Then, the same issue was found there and thought that probably this has something with my motherboard or something like that.
  14. LuckyHit


    That's the first thing that came into my mind the day I found/realized my problem, and it is like you said My PC specs are these: AMD FX-4300 QUADCORE 3.8 Ghz RADEON R7 250 1GB 8GB RAM (WAS, now seems like 4GB) Idk what else could be useful lol But, being honest, once I bought it (2014 moreless) was in better shape, like everything, but now seems to be a mess haha, and since I haven't played games at all during these years I didn't have the need of buying new stuff.
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