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  1. Yeah, i understand and have read this. But their have been many points from various people on multiple discussions. I meant an updated comment. nothing his been said since the original post
  2. can we get a post from gms/moderators with idk, like their thoughts on why they dont want to implement this? or why they believe it should? i wanna know their perspective
  3. One question. Whats the point of a farm server. If i cant farm all day to attempt to go +8? ... 2 things excite me in KO Pk... upgrading.. the rest is blurrrrrrrrghhhh
  4. Is this a joke? Of course +1 accesories need to be released asap.. Have u seen the market in moradon? For example, Old secret silver earring is 150-200m. Normal Secret silver earing is 200-250m. Lmao. it is actually a joke. the fact that you cant make +8's or +1's is literally destroying the market. not to seem, uhmm aggressive or targetting you. It's just my opinion.
  5. Hi guys, I have recently tried to change my seal code. However i do not receive any e-mails when i click Reset seal/vip passwords. I have waited over an hour and tried again multiple times.. the email is a email. i got told this could be a problem. can i get this resolved ASAP as i am trying to sell my character in a CR.
  6. Hi guys, Just wanna let everyone know to be careful when adding "Lucky1" into ur party in cz. So we were in a cz party and killed Isiloon, isiloon dropped Ring of Life. Genuine/Lucky1 had received the drop and told us that he was gonna share it with everybody. 5minutes later he logs off, and he name changed his character from Genuine to Lucky1. Since that day he has ignored my pm's and ive even talked with the assistants in his clan Corupicon. Technically he scammed no1. But just be warned.
  7. As title says. I'm selling on ApexKo the following items: Secret Silver Earring (normal) Hell Breaker +6 Dread Shield +6 5k KC Giga Axe +6 (1H) i will take KC/IGC. PM me here or ingame on any of these characters AnnoyingShit or SumYungHo or Mago
  8. I agree with that was just said. The server is amazing, but the lack of transparency is gonna be the end of it.
  9. as topic says Buying the following: Dual Shio tears 100m (50m each) Dual Old Secret Silver Earing 150m (75m each) Old Elemental Pendent 150m Dual Old Shio Tears 50m (25m each) Pm me here, or in game SumYungHo
  10. i agree with this for the daily/weekly quests. But for personal, IMO if you have class change, you need to enable personal weap exchanged.
  11. This is great, it also motivates people to upgrade their items. rather then selling the items at +1 (and bus) to sell for $$. Although, the problem here is if i go archer (for exp) to get level 83. Then i decide to class change to priest for whatever reason. What happens with the iron bow +7 i have made?
  12. The rewards vary between; High class weapons +1's and +3's Chitin armors and shells +1's and +3's Monster stones Weapon and armor enchant scrolls 1500 hp, 300 armor and Speed-up potion Blessed upgrade scrolls Reverse item strengthen scroll Crystals, opals and crude sapphires Just a thought, considering this is a semi farm server. What is to stop somebody to make 2+ chars, just to do daily/weekly quests and flood the market with items such as high class weapons/shells? I mean, ill willingly level 20x chars to 70, just to get 20x the amount of items from quests daily/weekly. So my theory is, make these items account bound. So they dont flood the market with these items. It also forces people to upgrade them or horde them at low levels
  13. it's target-based (monsters only). So once per minute per mob regardless of who's casting it. Found below Page 347 posted by Twostars
  14. When will be able to actually purchase AP? as the deadline for bonus AP ends soon. Apex Point pricing (10% bonus up until 01/05/2020):550 Apex Points - 5$ USD (35 TL)1150 Apex Points - 10$ USD (70 TL)2325 Apex Points - 20$ USD (140 TL)3550 Apex Points - 30$ USD (210 TL)6000 Apex Points - 50$ USD (350 TL)12500 Apex Points - 100$ USD (700 TL)
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