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  1. it doesnt warp me back its like always stunned ( forexample stunned with static nova ) . i can turn around my character but i cant move.I dont have it when priest rezz me but it was normal respawn.i click the respawn button and cant move.
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    Bug List

    1) Achieve system completely broken.You can complete a achievement but when you relogin achievement is deleting.And some achievemnt complete itselft for example i was in bowl and someones destroyed chaos stone and my seal breaker achievement ( kill 100x chaos stone ) completed, i dont even hit 1 damage chaos stone :d . i can use this achivement bonus but it deleting when i relogin.And cant take monster stones from achieve. - moved to: 2) when your inventory is full and you try to open pk chest box npc takes your noah but doesnt open box. - moved to: 3)mennisiah official list bug.this item shouldnt work in emc/luferson i think.because it can be use to teleport enemy town in lunar wars. - this is now disabled during active invasion zones 4)not always but sometimes when you die with stunned ( ect. lightning shot or mage's lightning skill ) you cant move when you respawned.you have to change map for moving. - moved to: 5)when rogues use stealth or hide skills and if you dont have lupines eye's skill they completly disapper.you can take target someone far from you with Z even if stealthed/hided rogue more closer. - not a bug, this is by design to prevent abuse 6)monster drop system must be changed for official server.if its gonna be a hard farm i should not obtain bus from mastadon or i should not farm money from hornet with my 70/80/83 archer.you need to create a level/monster drop system. - better suited for the feedback & suggestions section, however this is generally an existing topic of discussion so no worries 7)monster stone mob's exps are too less.i tried with 70 level and it gives 15k exp and they hard to kill even if full item beta archer. - as with the previous 8)commender system key(CTRL) lock the skill bar.i think you can make a good work with commander system like marking a enemy with one hotkey.and users can change this hotkey from option. - issue reported elsewhere so since it has its own thread I'll defer to that one 9)Ronark land Boat Man NPC should just free to ronark land monument owner nation.NPC doesnt take money. - moved to:
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    Non clan players shouldnt use skill in clan arena but they can and everybody can atack each other clan is not important.
  4. Can i change my job and race for wining beta prizes? For example i cant win prize with magician class , im in 25 rank in mage class but if i change my job mage to rogue i can be the rank 1 rogue.Or im 2. rogue of karus nation what if i change my nation for win human beta prize ?
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