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  1. Hi, After magic back ended, I took out the certificates from there to my main inventory and they can't be merged with new ones. Having 6 slots of inventory unusable is getting on my nerves, since the latest patch, it doesn't seem like you are making certificates tradeable or anything. (still hoping you could put them into innhostess) Could you look into my situation though, having these different certificates cluttering my inventory is annoying. I feel no real use for a magic back atm. so I wouldn't like to have to buy a new one to fix this issue. thanks in advance
  2. *BUMP* I still got 6 stacks of vouchers in my inventory that im unable to merge.. I don't really wan't to spend real money to fix a bug, could this be looked at?
  3. While I understand you might have some knowledge that I don't / I'm not allowed to have... I can't really understand the reasoning behing having these vouchers char-bound instead of account-bound. If you have some real calculations backing this and telling it's good for the server via activity, I can concede It's fine as is. BUT I have a feeling that opening them to be account bound would actually make ppl more active and simultaneously improve the quality of life. Can we get any update on how you admins perceive this?
  4. I'm sure this is about magic back running out, and I can't drag them to the 3 different piles that they should be. 1 participation, 1 bdw victory and 1 sticker. But I fail to see the reason why I can't put them on my innhostess and possibly use them for a second char in the same account. I just don't see any good reason why it's not account bound instead of bind on pickup. I'll propably buy another magic back and deal with it, but having it account bound would propably make me more active on events to have something to grind instead of just farming extra 30 certificates on my main...
  5. I think its time to address this again, the amount of afk ppl in events is pretty much the same no matter what. FT has the most since it's not detected easily, bdw has many but unfortunately the timeframe for replacing etc. is too small to do anything, you get unlucky the first clash is 8vs1 and after that "first loss" it's considered ok to be afk and wait for the participation price... juraid doesnt have that many full afk but we get alot of people who are clueless, nothing to be done about that, I can deal with it. I don't really understand why you can't put those certi on the innhostess, the way to sell them still involves alot of APEX point so having afk secondary accounts should't be an issue. I have some certi just lying around in my secondary chars and while my magic back just ran out, my inventory is FULL of certificates that I have no use for... please just let me put them in innhostess, people who want to babashop will babashop quest items or whatevere, there is no (zero) "0" reason for not making them accountbound. Check my inventory, is this really how you want it?!?
  6. Majority of players won't even bother to look at forums and even less go to the extra mile of voting in a topic. If you honestly want a poll with any depth you do it ingame. This is just a delaying tactic to not do anything hasty, nothing wrong with it, but seriously below 100 votes on this timeframe = forum votes are pretty much useless. This gives you some viewpoints from casuals for sure, but if you expected this vote to be anything else than majority "yes" you are not in touch with your own game. No one is truly against this, this is the only event with personal gain instead of party leeching, let's release it asap!
  7. Hi, there seems to be some kind of limit for priests to join into FT instance. I definitely clicked the join among the first again today and got rejected again. Clannie joined the queue minutes later and got in. I remember when I got in earlier some time ago I was the only priest or with just 1 another priest in the FT instance. I assume there are some weird restrictions in place regarding priest class. Could you please check whats up.
  8. Hi, just looking to get a rough estimate on how much a 80 lvl character would cost in CR, without any special items or alot of np.
  9. I can agree with the middle class items, allthough they still need to open +8 anyway, they should open +9 now that they waited too long, we need item dump, market is dead, nothing is worth farming. There is just WAYYY too much item overflow in the server, I would personally disable dailies and activate item rental or make a +5 one time quests so that these non-existing new players that are supposed to be coming don't need to feel bad. Instead of dailies and repeatable quests, (people just ks the kills with 1 shot and never go actually farming and then it's nothing to do again) fix the droprates on the server and give us farmable content. Harder mobs like Enigma/Balog/Booro/Nighmash/etc. should really be fixed to be worth farming. I don't like the idea of putting PUS items or bigger scrolls to mobs. Babashoppers, noobs, everyone, even server admins need a working economy here, both for PUS and ingame cash.
  10. Ah, right. I though only of them opening the skills and CR the character, didn't know you could CR items like that. Damn you afking people making it harder for us who actually play the game! 😡
  11. It should be open on everything by now, nothing has any value. You could open +9 with the current upgrade rates and it would ONLY HELP the server by creating an item dump.
  12. And what is stopping them of doing them on 2 accounts and putting them into CR as it is now?
  13. Do we really need them to be non-innhostess. You can't be in more than 1 event with the same account simultaneously anyway. Why do we need to carry them around all the time? What does it matter if someone uses their main/alt character to open a skill in the other?People still need to farm the certificates and if someone wants to babashop those lyca/lupus/lobo/etc. they can. Can we please put them in the innhostess, thanks.
  14. Gating progression and not looking close enough for the drop % and turnrates is gradually killing the server. If you separate the answers given in the +8 poll you can see there are NO good reasons given why it shouldn't open. Just the basic selfish: "dont open yet, i only play 30 min a day i need to catch up". For the good of the server, pretty please, open it allready. You can soon buy raptor +7 for 100m, no1 buys raptors from +1 to +6, wait more and they have no value. Droprates from Juraid were good when we were 70 lvl, now we get a thousand silver gems per day and the high end uniques are soon worth allmost nothing when everyone has them. You could make something like lillime's earring +1, with 500m NOW, wait a month and they have no value. If you think that is good for the server longetivity, you are out of your mind. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A FARM SERVER Make CZ great again™ : There is currently nothing to farm with a party, this is the worst part. People have no reason to gather up and play with friends in a party outside pk. You can still improve CZ farming and lower the rates outside CZ abit, and gradually fix this. And this is coming from a player who has access to multiple computers and accounts with genie, please for the good of the server and activity, start doing some adjustments. Having a statement that you never change any droprates is the most stupid thing I have ever read in any MMORPG game info, and we even know you don't follow it yourself. If you had worms dropping chitin shields and iron necks, you wouldn't change it because of your statement? Don't you think that any other online game is continuously following every droprate and fixing it accordingly? These all go together, fixing only 1 part doesn't fix the situation. Server NEEDS a dump for highclass and we need party activity in CZ. Good thread to check from Tabbycat also:
  15. Very nice post with a lot of though put into it. 80 lvl cap: agree, the exp was too easy, but what is done is done. Skill opens: I quess instead of having it hard to get to 80, this is how you like to gate the progression. I don't really like participation rewards, I wan't the wins to be the thing, but this might be too much for some people to handle, I'm pretty sure some people can't take a month of farming events nonstop with the possibility of having trash teams every time and losing everything and having no progress at all. Bowl/ farming: This server is still seriously lacking in any party farming content. Make CZ great again! And make it worth it to form a party and go farm something. I feel this is propably the biggest reason I'm having hard time getting a party together. +8: If you separate the votes from the comments on the poll, you can see there was ZERO good reasons given why you shouldn't open +8, only selfish reasons like "i started late, give me time to catch up / I play 30 min a day, let me get as much as everyone who plays 24 hours" This is killing any reason whatsoever to farm and play actively on the server, we got everything worth farming on the first week, now we are just waiting. The longer you wait, the bigger the divide between casuals and "babas" is going to be! Casuals can't sell +1 raptors and babas have full inhostess of +7 waiting for +8. Casuals just don't underestand that they would have a chance to get some coin from their farm with the burning of +8 weapons, now they think they get close to babas when they get their first +7, but reality is that they are getting even more behind every day you hold this back. There is less and less reasons to login if you don't make content for parties to farm IN A FARM SERVER. Make stuff more worthwhile to do in CZ , but don't put everything into bowl. 100% agree with this. You got mobs in CZ that no1 has any reason to touch and most of the mobs worth killing are solo content. This needs to change. I pretty much agree with a lot of things with the op. Good conversation opener!
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