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  1. I have seen you running around without clan a lot. Give Chris a PM and he might even add you. You can´t be worse then Brook and BeliveTheHype
  2. Is this the best you got retards? HAHA. I have never seen a clan that would never play any pk without 3 priests NEVER. Even if you have 3 priests you still waiting 4-5 seconds for party cure wtf? The guy making the movie is just making fun of him self ROFLMAO? Is this all you have? What happend in the only real 8 vs 8 we did behind your base? Let me here the excuses before it´s our time to make a public PK movie against this noobs? @BroOk aka 45 years old guy from Italia, do you remeber the fight we did behind the base, of course you had 3 priests like always and we had 2 and
  3. Ye, i mean just ask your Finnish friends how much they make/made in 5-7 days when they farmed? You make lvl 60 in 35 min if you do saber tooth and some quest in luffersson. We don´t mind ppls with full inventories join to our farm pt and then they are lvl 70 after 20-24 hours. If they don´t join a farm pt for exp and make quests and join random exp party it might take 2 days maximium if the player is not retarded. If the player that join this server had played KO for more then 1.5 month (95 % of the players have played ko for a while) will know where to farm, how to farm and how to
  4. Even when the beta was up i saw "a lot" of ppls said that they will come for lvl 80 cap. I still hear clans saying that they have more ppls coming for the lvl 80+ cap. I do understand your point. The ppls running around with + 7 shells and + 7 raptor is probably not that satisfied with no open +8 but at the same time IF there is ppls coming for lvl 80 cap which i think it is it feels like a fair deal for me that they will get 1 week to try to get their shell set + 6/+7 and get their self some uniques and raptor + 7. I like the idea of the rental items which is a good thing but it´s still not
  5. All the server this days are looking for the population since that is the main problem for the most of the servers. In a server like this where there is actually pretty much mages compare to the total amount of ppls that is PK they will keep mages OP so the mages wont cry and leave the servers. It´s pretty sad when you have mages hitting you for 1300 when you have good gear and flame pot on but i don´t care about it anymore. It will always be like that. The most important thing is to see what all this mages will do when lvl 80 is opening either they leave because they can´t bomb the shit out o
  6. Razor, are you kidding me? Go write a fucking book…( Impressed about how you can find this energy and time to just sit here and post shit 24/7 man.(same in apexko discord) If you would waste that time on something useful you would probably have a job right now dude? Don´t tell me you have a job cause that can´t be possible with your time you spend here and NO, Administrator on ko4life is not a job! There will probably be a "wave" of new players joining for the lvl 80 cap. Let´s give them 1 week to catch up and stay with + 7 for 1 week.
  7. Hahah, yea! This is just a classic bug. I got Tp up in the tree so there is a lot of this kind of bugs.
  8. I have now played 1 day on the beta server (farm) started 04-20. Few things that i have noticed that is in my opinion very strange for a farm server. * You could rental chitin bow + 6 & chitin set + 6/12 str for 6 hours for like 500 k. In what farm server are you coming to and after the first 20 min you can see over 75 % of the players running around with glowing bows and chitins + 6. Come on, remove that shit or add that later on for the new players that will come in later. But having this for the start is just stupid. There should in my opinion be this time in the beginning wh
  9. I really don´t agree with this topic at all. Mages will always be good expecially in lvl 70 yes. Mages hit pretty hard and the HP on the overall players is pretty low. But you will of course need a team to play with and probably 2 priests. I have played a lot of 70 cap (myko) servers the last years and when ApexKO came out with the info about the farm server i think a lot of players like me became very happy. It´s a server with muscles and they know how to run a successful server. To find a server that fit 100/100 players will be impossible and i think the way with opening different cap
  10. I was by a mistake changed my language in settings (F10) to Turkish Language. The client shut down and when iam trying to log in to the game again iam getting stucked at Loading information page 5. Didn´t have this problem when i logged first time but when i changed language to turkish i got stucked.
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