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  1. Relax guys, polls matter whether you like it or not. Vote and move on with your day.
  2. Mining has no official droprate, but it won't drop anything useful and it will all be untradable. They won't make the same mistakes as last time.
  3. Torment and subside would've been broken if aoe cure had a longer cd
  4. Doesn't it have a huge interrupt rate unlike the single target cure? That's what used to keep it balanced.
  5. Good catch, it's connected to the fact that archer abilities cuts light feet. Maybe it's considered an archer ability?
  6. Troll > +7 chitin only when vs archers and mages It's a good way to give people resistances when there are no uniques
  7. How is it a terrible approach LMFAO it's a fact brother. Show me the assassin skills being failsafe on official KO and you'll have a point. They have never been.
  8. Tooltips always lie, there's no reason for these to be the only failsafe ones, they never have been. Most likely it's just a tooltip error, which should hopefully be fixed.
  9. There's no information suggesting that they're removing troll armor.
  10. What? Assassin skills have never been failsafe. Dex helps you land them more often, but unless they changed this in later years they've never ever been failsafe.
  11. +1 to having low BUS droprate and expanding the loottables of all the monsters to include items you need to vendor.
  12. What happens if you town when it happens? Nvm just saw that he said opening map fixes it.
  13. Stun and ice shot have always been nearly impossible to land against players who itemize properly. This is nothing new, archer doesn't need these to be strong.
  14. A disconnect between the inflow of noah and high class weapons, as well as BUS being incredibly easy to get your hands on.
  15. Hello there. I read that one of the PvP rewards will be premium switching, but how will that work when you only have one type of premium as written on your website?
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