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  1. worst rewards ever, so i have to waste 30min to get 5 armor enchants? or join it around 5 times (2 1/2 hour) to get 3 days of auto loot? i'd rather spend 30min on farming and buy autoloot for 30 days, so no ty
  2. it's easily above 50%. maybe the lr the character has effects it since im always playing on naked chars. everyone should have the same lr in chaos tho
  3. Why do you guys not complain about nova stun rates?
  4. Clien crashes daily at least once when having the transparent bug and teleporting to other zones (emc to mora). Sometimes my client crashes when moving zones without me having the transparent bug at that time tho, like 5mins ago char name : bacinsiqem Option.ini
  5. what about the other 129381293 points mentioned above? chaos isnt playable with this stunrate
  6. reported all those years ago and still no changes and novas literally stun on a 90% rate fix it already at 0.31s the out of range stun thingy happens and this video is from 2 years ago lmao
  7. Will this ever get fixed? Client gets transparent after a while. Cant open PUS or when you move zones (emc to mora) client crashes. Literally reported this over a month ago and it still happens daily
  8. @Aesteris Please let mobs spawn on same time (just take median) again so i can exp/farm as a mage, i dont wanna class change to melee.
  9. What @Nath said above + Goblins / Cardinals / Barons etc. mostly low hp mobs
  10. @Aesteris will there be something done about this?
  11. This ruins the slot for mages to nova tho. Can't you make the respawn time of mobs, if for example they are between 10-20secs now just to 15secs, so they all again spawn at the same time?
  12. obviously the majority of apex community wants chaos to be activated, so when is this going to happen?
  13. The reason it was the least joined event was always because of the rewards. They're beyond garbage
  14. if you're good you'll win anyways, your ping wont matter
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