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  1. Not sure if you receive BDW exp (+) scroll for losing, but I lost today and did not receive. My inventory was full, unfortunately but I believe if inventory full it defaults to letter system? If so, I did not receive a letter with scroll. Hope this helps. 1) Class Archer - When using geenie and using swift. If you click the party box for swift in support tab it works but very buggy. If a person has a speed potion on and the swift party box is checked, it will glitch out and try to only give swift and not resume killing with geenie on.
  2. Bushlaff

    Bug Report

    1) No check box to close in-game support ticket by the hourglass 2) Lion scrolls do not work 3) Hero Wings do not work 4) Was unable to reverse crimson gear 5) More to come
  3. +1 Trillion on all of it !! Def +1 on lvl 83
  4. I am using FasterPay (Payment Wall) It is saying that my card is not supported. I try another card and same thing. I would like to obtain some kc.
  5. Bushlaff

    Clan grade

    Thank you for reply -- END TOPIC
  6. Thank you for reply
  7. Bushlaff

    Clan grade

    Knight clerk says I need 40k NP to move up a grade. I have over 40k NP saved in clan bank. Why am I unable to purchase grade with NP?
  8. i have 1x alliance and want to add 1x more ally. I will not let me. It says "Failed to make an alliance.15" I have ZeroToler4nce (Innusya) as an ally and want to make Sehitlerolmez (lslamboL) ally. Giving me error. Please help!
  9. I kind of understand. I guess my confusion comes from NP's. Lets take Arkham for example. 15 chars in clan. 0 clan bank points. Less than 2 million total NP's. How are they 1st grade? If chars spend their NP on items doesn't it update new NP?
  10. So it goes by grade and total amount of NP the clan has a whole. Not what the clan bank has. I understand that, I guess my question is, how is grade determined then? I am asking because I have been a part of server for about 1yr now. I have yet to see most of the people/clans online. I mean I have NEVER seen most of those clans EVER. Same with the chars in those clans. Some clans have about 15 chars in them and they are grade 1 with a total clan bank of 0 and less than 2mill NP.
  11. I am trying to figure out how the clan rankings work. Can anyone please help me out and let me know why the website doesn't show correct order?
  12. Just putting this out there. To whomever it may concern. If you are in a party and you are killing boss's and there happens to be a drop, then you split that drop with the party upon selling the item. If everyone in party agrees to give the item/drop to one person then that is what should happen. Until you get a answer from everyone in that party, that drop should stay with a trusted character in the party. Just because the person that received the item/drop does not need the item/drop does not mean he should get denied part of the split (unless agreed to give item to a party member). Once item sells then all players of party should get equal share of sale. I will not say anything negative because I am a fair and honest player. P.S. I understand there are not a lot of players online at this time. However I still see people advertising buying and selling such items. If you are unhappy about not getting the drop then maybe you should rethink on how fairness can be distributed and let me know.
  13. I can understand that.
  14. I believe we should have a Forum Moderator. Someone who can respond to people in a timely fashion. I also think they should have access to mute/ban people on forums. Would also need direct contact to a GM to help with questions. I also believe we could use some advertising as well. The FM(s) could make videos, SS, and post them to a topic. That would be nice so people can see how they did in a battle/event. Everyone likes to watch themselves. The FM could also be a social media manager and advertise on social media and other places, to help promote new players coming over to this server. I love this server and want it to grow. At least get back to were it was when I 1st started. Starting to see some people come back which is nice. One last thought....A chat box would be nice as well. Players can chat to one another in real time. Not everyone can be in game at all times, so a chat/shout box would be nice. Just a suggestion and thought.
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