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  1. I think make all items in NP store available in the PUS. Also would like to see a 100% trina type upgrade item -- No chance of failure.
  2. Would be nice to search a individual player on the homepage.
  3. Bushlaff

    Cannot buy kc

    I had this same problem. It was with internet explorer. Try copy and paste the link before you log in to Fasterpay and put it in Chrome. I was then able to purchase KC.
  4. Absolutely, and thank you. I was a FM (Forum Moderator) and GFX (Graphics and video help) and part time GM on another server. I loved helping others and doing events. I miss my old server and friends as I played for over 10yrs. I am a older person and will always help anyone in game or out. I feel this server is fair and will donate soon!!
  5. Is it possible to resolve this soon? I posted Tuesday 7/16/2019. Today is Sunday 7/21/2019. I am new on server so not sure how long it takes to look into to something. However a final answer would be nice, even if there is no restitution to this problem. Well and a reason to why there would be no restitution would be in order as well, I think. Thank you and hope to hear about this soon!
  6. No. I was unable to pick up the box. It opened to show noah and draki box. I looted noah but was unable to pick up draki box
  7. I still have no answer on what is the resolution. Can a GM please help me?
  8. I did try to loot draki chest 1st, but was unable too. I closed and reopened on the few that I actually could click on and wasn't buried under monsters and it still wouldn't let me. I really appreciate t he input.
  9. Thank you for your quick reply. Want to say am loving the server so far. Yes I click on the dropped chest that revealed noah and draki chest. Looted the noah, but was unable to loot Draki Chest. I clicked on it several times but would not move to my characters inventory. That is how I know I missed 7x draki chests. There was NO information displayed in the information box. Did NOT say unable to loot, box is empty or inventory full (which it wouldn't as chests are stackable, and I looted 3x draki chests). I appreciate you looking into this.
  10. I sent as soon as tower was finished. Look at the chat, I have scrolled up to capture the SS. Please look into this.
  11. I started Draki Rift about 9:48pm PST USA. I was unable to pick up 7x Draki chests. some were old and some new. Not sure how many each but it was 7x all together.
  12. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. I created a account online. Verified the account. When I try to log into game, it says no such registered I.D.
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