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  1. https://gyazo.com/c9bdcddb775b59cedb219ad69becd961 https://gyazo.com/2bec696b344f8656a861d4f58413941b https://gyazo.com/ef7da1d26972ace0f41948f5c8309f08 https://gyazo.com/d4c87a50ef704acf142ed175e4f5f32a 1GayKiLLMeSuckMeChaoSBaaLxDSweetBabyPintaOwnedShowTimeOfDeathHis characters
  2. Hello Need to remove gold bars from pk chests, bifrost chests, ultima chests from this server coz kc vouchers too expensive (25gb) New players cannot get cospre item without donation, extend the time of the first cospre from 5 days to 30. Put reb/blue pots in all chests instead only in ultima. All day there are no people untill ultima, they cannot get blue/red pots from other chests. Will be cool if you add some events at least once a month. Return 2017 year game. Also you can do new quests, for example 100 kills - 10 reb/blue pots, 10.000 kills - war premium for 30 days. Also you can make new begginer market, Rosetta set +11 rebirth, rings,earings +3 coz it has alredy become very cheap on the server, update nps market(20k for moonlight +5 no reb too much i think, but i could be wrong). Change Juraid Mountain,Border Defense War,Chaos drops coz tear for 24 hr not cool, better pathos for 24 hr or cospre set for 24 hr. Finally you can do a quest where the reward will be kc voucher, there is no longer kc on the server. Thanks, i hope there will be at least some reaction. @Aesteris @twostars
  3. that is how it should be.
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