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  1. i am not talking about video!for example hes provoking people with his fake acc on apex discord.And everyday he is making drama!
  2. @Aesteris @twostars can you guys ban him @FitzGerald from here?Everyday he is making drama.ty
  3. @FitzGeraldYou're so mad because you banned from apex discord haha
  4. You hide the damage bar in the bottom right of the screen and we didn't understand that this is a macro😎
  5. @FitzGeraldYou won 2vs2, gratz.And they paid.But there is only one question,they challanged you many times for 8vs8 and you always scared.why? Dont you trust your clanies?or your clanies are not your level?come on you are pking with em 7/24.Will you keep running away from 8vs8?
  6. Stop killing Enchantment clan please
  7. Wtf is that starting lvl cap is 70?please fix it lvl cap must be 83!!!
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