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    AR68 reacted to dominiccc in im sick, tired and pissed off   
    Do you have a char in usko now? Why don't you make a video for us? Just now log in and go PK and show us some VS and damages. If you proof that u hit 11 kro set and full 3 uniques warriors harder like here then pretty sure admins will take care your requests. Now you share imkiraa or something i see lots of video for him and his stamina's never been change or he kills who use full plate or chitin armor on rogue/warrior. But if you proof you kill kro set 11 rogues warriors by it in CZ and show it by live video/records now, then it makes sense.

    But here i played on kurian for a while and it was so OP. When you say kurian's been nerfed in ApexKO, it only force me to laugh alot really. 

    Raptor i mean spear weapons wasn't working on kurians and someone proved it by video/screenshots from USKO and they changed it in ApexKO. Now raptor's working very well on kurians. It fails alot nevertheless it works. 
    Long story short, don't talk with random videos belongs someone else. Show urs and then talk about it.
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