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  1. You know how high the prices are at usko? Who the hell has +21 rebirth krowaz?? So you try to tell us that everyone is using +9 at usko and you can 8v1 them, cool story bro...
  2. Game masters will never tell you "learn how to play" so probably thats why they dont tell anything, there is no way to lose a 1v1 with a devil kurian if you are agains a class without dot cc and have fingers and some brain to use... if you cant 2v1 its because the server and the classes are balanced, so you cant 20v1 like in usko because everyone using +7 chitin set and old accessories.
  3. I created a dot kurian 83 level 0 rebirth, no achievenents, full starter gear, i only got 2 hanguk swords +8 from a friend, vsed and won vs a full +11 krowaz set + wiri+11 + dual rof+3 + sos+3 + dual opal+3 + full cospre + 7str achievement warrior...
  4. Are we blind or are you blind?? He says that he changed his skills for test... Click this link and learn something about kurians... http://knight-online-world.wikia.com/wiki/Kurian_(Porutu)
  5. Lmao!! Eskrima cancels iron belt??? Eskrima decreases your dagger and arrow defence by 10% which means more dagger/arrow defence = less defence decrease in total, because you already have more defence... Btw on apex every class needs a party to do something except of rogues that are "basically" created as a solo class...
  6. Those videos are from USKO where people in CZ are not even 83 level or dont even have +8 items or not using scrolls, so you cant compare that with Apex... USKO is pay to win Keep using that crystal belt and you will receive more damage...
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