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    emilyos1 got a reaction from g1r0 in im sick, tired and pissed off   
    what is your problem with porutu/kurian?
     I can not understand... 
    I can't farm ... when I try to do it, two assassins are attacking to me and I can't defend myself, because my stamina is too low!(or smash skills eat too much stamina)
    reallly!!! at usko Porutu/kurians have 250 stamina points. in apexko, i have only 125 stamina points. is that a joke??? 
    during vs i can use only 2 smash skills and wait for die!!!!!
    guys look. i understand that, every job has to have weakness... porutu has too!!! like, if i get critic levels of damage my devil transformation is canceled. you guys need look at usko.
    they're solved all the problems about porutu/kurian... 
    i played at usko for 6 years... and since 2017 i played at some pvp servers...
     every pvp server loves to nerfing kurian. if you guys want to nerf a job. you better start with rogues. maybe eskrima and critical point time needs to be shortened...
    as a porutu player i want some updates like:
    - increase stamina point to 300

    - add porutu/kurian armors to gear dispenser immediately...
    ** because MP increases = the damage is rising.. you guys put ''mp bonus warrior rosetta set'' on gear dispenser and that armor set wants 210 str points. 
    if I put this amount points on STR, my HP is getting low and i die quick... **
    if you guys do that things... apexko gets more players...
    I choose apexko because i want to play in v20xx or higher and easy farming client ... if the other players scared and dont want fight with porutu/kurian. you guys should go back to v1299 or erase porutu/kurian
    look at these videos. we want play like this !!! just keep things rolling dude... 
    by the way guys... if you know another server that porutu/kurian is normal, please share with me...
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